Thursday, December 31, 2009

Come to the end of the year

Duno wats wrong with the connection, ytd im not able to online =( but very lucky, the connection is okay today =D phew, abuden how am i gonna end my year nicely? :D

Nothing special this month =)

Its just, Im
late for the first school day. Not only that butty! Im late to school for 3 days in the first week x_x The post * clickable

Happy CNY

  • Valentine Day with my butts =D

  • QM duty on Thurs =D

  • Redang Trip

  • Sports Day

  • School Camp

  • Sweetest Bday ! =D

  • Preparation for kahchuah's bfday =D

  • Sentosa High School Campfire

  • Kite Flying

  • English Fortnight Closing Performance

  • Wedding Party

  • Scout AGM

  • Sepang BeachBBQ

  • So call "Jolin concert" with Tine & Fatty XD

  • First Time Working

  • Carnival Preparation

  • Carnival, glory =D

  • Malam Kebudayaan

  • FireDrill

  • Majlis Persaraan Of QM

  • First Chuuuuuu

  • Super Fun SCout meeting

  • NelsonTan

  • Im in a relationship ! =D

  • Ceramah Day

  • Hari Patriotic

  • DSP doggie

  • Slurppie Contest

  • AAR concert

  • LunchBox

  • 2009 Graduation Day

  • 2012 movie

  • Children Day

  • Secret Campfire

  • Xmas Party!

Haih, honestly 2009 is my fav year for now. So many memories this year. I have been involved myself in Sports Day & Carnival & Campfire that really make me learnt a lot & a lot =D
&&& the most important one, i met my mr right =D though its just few months time relationship but i really feel like ive been with him for very long time =D
Friends ! yeah =D i realised i got a lot of butts man ! all of them are good =) i love you guys !
Family, yea, they trusted me ! =D

2010, gonna say helo to you! yea =)
hopefully i can manage my time well! SPM next year, i gonna work very hard. No kidding
&&& make myself prettier ! HAHAHAHAHAH aim lai ehh =)
& of coarse, my relationship, as sweet as now we're having!

its 00.00 now ! wheeee

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !

for 1993-ians, JIA YOU!

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