Saturday, July 31, 2010

With the loveeee :D

" We're so in love,
even the sun nor the moon cannot stop the power of love "

HAHA! this is the love quote by me and baby! he sent a msg like this, of cz not exactly like this lah, i change a bit a bit :D

The friday after school, there's a meeting up with the love one in the old place, metro :D
HAHAHAHa, its really a lame place but.... Everything is still so so so lovely whenever EYTL is there with me :D

we met @ the HK restaurant and this is wad my babehh had ytd ;D
ohh yaa, he brought his dslr for me, =D =D =D

We in black vs denim randomly =D

camwhore before my fattening lunch reach me =D

ohh yaah !
its d cheeze baked spaggggheeetii

we went for a movie,
very lame yet a bit funny =D

@ the cab =D
macam main roller coaster ini :OO

heh! this is the very 1st place we date :D
reminiscing bout the old days ;)

i'm wearing nudy/angel/bakblalblabla hazel lens ;O
joking lah, its original brown :D
i got it from my daddy :))

love uuuuu ;)

he has very long legs ._.


another gif*
baby, u're still heavier lohh :(((

HEEEE, i just love my man so so much. We love spending times together..
After his assignment he finally squueeeze sometime for her gf :D
I ♥♥♥ U

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I want to :)

Im craving for beach vacation so much ;O
somewhr white sandy, crystal clear sea water, big wide blue sky, cuute cloudies, tall slimmy coconut trees, bikini hwaties, boardshort suuny boys & shells :D:D
im sure i will do lots of photo there..aww, i miss the days when i was having holidays in the beach area


somewhere like this will do ;)

sunglasses is the must for any vacation B)

somthing cute will do ♥_♥

a photo like this :D
kaka, we gave to gam fei le lah :D


oh yaa! cute bikini :D
no matter u;re thin or fat, this is the must among the must :D


something to do with the sand ;O

if and only if we're going to australia ;)

i really want to get a pierce on the belly someday :D

couple kissing
if and only if eugene bring me here ;D


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Surprise for the best budds ♥

Dedicated to miss ngooi xingti aka feifei ♥
She's one of the fats one who i turn to whenever im sad or happy or frigging crazy!! i love her boobs like the world likes it ;) spongy and large surface area
one night before sleeping, the idea of this party came to my mind and this cause me continue thinking and finally cant fall asleep :D
this shud be done in D'sara Club but too bad, we cant book it ! anyway, credits to edward for helping so much :D
so, after so mny of planning and thinking, the party held like this :D

Theme : Ice-cream Night

From bloggg
these are the invitation cards me and chuahchuah do on thursday :D
the cute stuff shud be hanging on everyones shirt tat day but too sad!!! most of them dont TT

From bloggg
lisa :D:D one of my loveee!!! me and her both planning how to draw the stuff ;)
its actually the combination of manila cards & we use pelakar to paint it :D
thanks god ther're lisa :D:D

From bloggg
curly curly :D

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg
i snap this :D:D

From bloggg
muahahahhaha D:

From bloggg

part of the contributing person at noon :D

From bloggg
she's not so feeling well at noon ;(

most of the friends reach at 6 ! =D
at bout 7+, kenke finally phone us :D
"marmeeee, later come xingti's hrs fetch me arh! i was about to come back from one u!! "
"wad lah kenke!! hahha im not ur maermmee!!" this is how i respon! =_=
within few secs, i finally manage to react and say " OHH SORRY KENKE!!! HAHAHA OKAY OKAY!"
joee joee~~ XD

From bloggg
everyone running here and thre to prepare for the party :D

From bloggg
the advantage to be tall; :O

From bloggg
ice-cream night :D

From bloggg


Glad that she's so happyy!!!! we aim her to cry but too bad ;(
she doesnt !! =D but the very happy thing is, we did make her feel the SURPRISE on her party!!

From bloggg
FYI, i cried ._. hahahahah

From bloggg
from top yanni, kahchuah and me :D
we're the organizer =DD

From bloggg
kenke did the best job, she had lied her for the whole day :D
hahahah xingti stupid ;PP

From bloggg
;D the bday girl :D
randomly she wore mini skirt!!!

From bloggg
its time to hav food :D

From bloggg
we self sponsor food for the party :D everyone bring a lil so that we don nid to use xtra $$ :D
fried rice : ling ling :D
meeee : joeee :D:D
pudding : keat! keat did it by himself :D amazeddd!

From bloggg
harshbrown : fatty kuik chuah :D
donuts : tine
orea cheeze cake : chooichee!! she made it man :D:D exactly like secret recipe!!!

From bloggg

From bloggg
the gentleman ;)

From bloggg

there's actually 3 sursprise for this party :D
i try to pull xingti to toilet so that the outside can prepare this ;D:D

From bloggg

Happy bday :D:D

From bloggg
From bloggg

From bloggg
AWW, sometimes, im kinda proud of myself :D:D
and also the buddies :D:D

From bloggg

since its ur day,
XINGTI, ni hao shou!!! :P

From bloggg

BFF ♥ nothing can break us down :D

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

i dunno why mine cnt get bigger though me mixing those big boobies ;((

From bloggg

so cute lah lao ling :D:D

From bloggg

From bloggg
me so pretty!!! HAHHAHAHAH
ehem, joking only ._. XD

we playing timers with ten shots :D:D

From bloggg
its the video time :D
video by fatty kuik and chuah :D very nice one!
can see it thru fb everyone :D

From bloggg
after video, happy bday songs again :D
we with chooi chee;s cake and give to her :D

From bloggg
the time when she expressing her "behsong"-ness bout me and chuah :D
hahah and say thanks for everyone ;D

From bloggg
chuah is too touchyy when xingti say that they are 8 years buddies :)

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg
i like this muchie!! :D

From bloggg
HAHAHAHAHA the two super models in 5 years time :P

From bloggg

bryan with his odd face :D

From bloggg
swing :D the hwattttt :DD

From bloggg

From bloggg

From bloggg
kenke, my lovee :D

From bloggg

From bloggg
fei arr!!

From bloggg

ngooi xing ti, though its not yr bday yet,
i love you so much :D

credits to the 3 organizers : Yours truly, kahchuah and yanni
credits to the 3 DSLR owner : Fatty hoh, Genki and bryan :D
credits to the food supplyer : Yours truly, kahchuah, genki, fatty, kuik,tine, keat, swing, chooichee, shumeen, lisa!!
credits to the video makers : chuah fatty kuik
credits to the artist : lisa !! :D
credits to her mummy and her brother :D

Another happy night :)