Thursday, December 24, 2009

Outing To One-U

hehehe~! since i hvn get the photos yet, let me summarize a bit =D
easier for me to do further updates when i the photos!
  • i got roxy flipflop from xingti as xmas present! =D love you darling!!!
  • reached 1u by taxi & changed
  • met mandy darling in mcd, she waited for so long! so sorry :(
  • she hand me xmas present! its a monster =3!!
  • movie time - avatar for 3 hrs .__. the effect is nice =D glowing plants!
  • walking around to get some pressie for her mum
  • had lunch at teppanyaki =D me salmon, mandy chicky! :D
  • polaroid photo there, talk a lot & laughing around HAHAHA
  • meet my darling ! awww. im so so so so so damn happy to see him! AHA
  • BR ice-cream :) got to know mandy dun like cheesy!
  • cant sempat to say byebye to B :( but at least we met =D
  • mandy's daddy came & fetch me home, He's so good =D
  • Thanks mandy for the day! :D

the thing i wan so much, POLAROID

signing off :)
B, me coming! =D

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