Wednesday, February 25, 2009


hiak hiak hiak~
today rains heavily in da early morning
and i got no worry whether i'm goin to lewat or not :D
( 2 more time i gonna meet A-Lim O.O )

on the way to skul =)

having Chemistry, Maths and Pm paper todayy and i think everything go vv fine :)
just then, ngau's Pm paper kena rampas whn he meniru-ing :( he's too obvious lahh~!
and after skul went QM duty~!
its Bsb match :DD
i realised that its quite hard to do da catat-ing marks on da paper thr @@
rules rules rulesss!
da 1st n 2nd wan need some1 to assist me :D
thanks mr monkey and doraemon and oso laysim !

its raining during da 1st match

sze ham! HAHAHA

really O.O whn da match " Menjalara vs Maluri "!
super rude lahh them ><
and congrates to KB team!! :D
its 67-2! :O
KB team! :D

and about 7 back to skul @@
kemas-ing those stuff
and tat time left only
me, xing ti, seng yiao, sze ham
thanks us fer being so "wei da" thr :P

xingti~~ :D

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Thanks fer da
you gave to me today :D

and and and :D
Thanks fer da
she gave me today! :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bibu :D

its gonna be exam week soon :(
but i dhk i'm not really gonna care bout it
but how?
since all my classmate siao wan lahh

i dunno how am i recently,
macam the weather
sometimes very sunny but sometimes vv cloudly but luckily it doesnt rain :)
& i duno wats da reason sia!

getting busier? :DD
since sports day just around da corner
and have to get da red hrs stuff ready
and and and and~!
hellow thr :)
i'm coming soon :3

latest photos of minee :)
kenke. monster. xingti :3 during marching time!
monster . ling :D

love is under da sky~~ <3

da day me n tine went desa park :D
weeeeeeeeee :D frm yanni's hp
from han :D

scout meeting ytd :D

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm getting better, i dhk

guess wat? its just 6.34am!
one mins earlier than da last one :DD
i dhk i'm "recover-ing"
since i'm not tat emo whn i get to noe smt bad bout him for me :(
just like mun,
my life's getting busier @@
mayb until sports day? no way
it may be continue to CARNIVAL!

i WANNNA go redanggg!!!
i cant wait to go thr :X
me n kenke mmg damn eager to go thr :D
both of us will be super :DDDD whn we talk about it :)

just a random pic :)

god bless me,


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine! :D

today, da big day for youngster i dhk :) and guess wat?
ur fwen, Mojojo was late to skul today! HAHAHAHAHAH
i woke up at about 7.50+ today O.O
and reached skul around 8.30><
teachers were no in for da whole day except BC ==
and today i got no luck?
i n xingti had been punished to stand at the class door =~=
why? Because we're late to class! LOL ==
and its my fault cause i'm da one hu ask xingti pergi toilet with me :DD
we den go to see Blue Hrs teacher to get da pas "kebenaran masuk class"
but din c da fella..we chg our target - > mr faizal~!
HAHAHAH i lied to him but lastly "kuali bocor"
but lastly he wrote pass for us oso lah! HAHAHAHAHHA thanks much :D
and and and,
get present frm my TINE :3!

and i get khalil- orange's moon album too!
appreciate it lots!
xoxo! <3
will update more tmr =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


i realised that's someone having the same prob with me
she's walking da way tat i past
and i get to noe she got more memories with her "him"
why do all boys a heartbreaker huh?
cant u jz appreaciate what u;re having?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

how nice if there's a "if"

Saturday, February 7, 2009


gonna blog smt about Thurs~!
got squard duty today
with xingti, kahyee, mun, swing, xuxu, eugeneee and so on :)
almost all my kaki(s) siaa :D
damm syiokk
bring along my camera n hp
and take lots of photoooos
btw, evenyone wanna take photo with my lil uncle yong sheng lahh wei @@
so funny =~= and and and form 1 adi so attractive?
and and..
did smt vv stupid n unexpected oso :(

and now..
its da..
PHOTO session :)!
(kami semua :D)
(with ah bin )
(we JUMP!)
( byk nice to be hugged :D)

( monster n eugeneee :) )
( weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D)
( =~=v)
( monster with ah hao :D )
( lying on the field :D byk shuangggg~! )

for more phto(s),

Thursday, February 5, 2009


its stil early (6.36am) :)
stil managed to blog smt here :x
hmmm hmmm hmm
ytd stayed bacck for fun
really for nothing but for fun?
laoti, kahchuah, hannn,ah K, Kaijian and Wei yan main bsb =)
i cant playyyy =( sudahh sickk
and and half way thr,
suddenly saw 2 boys walking towards bsb coart thru da door thr!
i tot one of them is W cause da way he walk quite alike O-O!!!
dunoo why vv damm nervous and err..duno how does it feels lahh! ><
bt sooner whn they came nearer, i only realised da 2 fella were soon n ngau zai ==
and da one hu make me @@ was lao soon
since they are far apart frm me tat time, they looks tall thr @@
why will i stil macam nervous lahh wei ><
is tat really so damm hard to get over him TT

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


ps:// paiseh bud,
am busyyy i dhk? O.O
n got no much time to on9 durin weekdayss
these are some some pichaa i got
da others send u guys nxt time
some saya belum edit :D
so so din post up :0
byeeee thr! ;3

Monday, February 2, 2009


mayb i shud really try to get over him :)
try not to dhk about da past..
try to delete da msg(s) one by one..