Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Good vibes

Just feeling so good to have all these good stuff surrounds me. I enjoy watching videos by inspiring people who are so generous in spreading love. It just makes you want to be kinder and do more good deed to others. I'm still trying to grow to a better person :) 

Anyway, I'm sleeping over at my sister's room tonight. Moved my bed to her room just to make myself more cozy with her existence in my sleep ❤ I was thinking to have some fun time together but she was too tired and already fallen asleep :) 

Goodnight all, xx 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sent Rayna off with my dearie cousins today. Happy for her to study oversea but at the same time sad for her to have LDR with her boyfriend. Watching them cuddling together before she entered the gate is really heart breaking. I can't imagine how ugly I look when my bf is leaving. Next Sunday another bestie of mine leaving again. Sigh.. Goodbye is sad. I don't want my boyfriend to go :( I wanna spent more time with him. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Midnight visit

I have this awesome boyfriend who came for a hug after his work as an emcee for an event. He was having headache and slight fever actually but he insisted to give me a goodnight hug. He said he will feel better seeing me and cuddling me before sleep. Another thing I love about him is he loves my dogs as much as I do. Spotty cant stop wagging his tail when he saw my bf ;) so mch love and am so grateful for what I'm having now. Thank you so much Lord and I will be a better person to repay this gift from you.