Friday, June 5, 2015


Remember the times when we flip through old family albums and realize the retro clothing our parents and grandparents used to wear? We all thought that those looks will never come back in style, but we sure were wrong. Retro fashion is now climbing up strong and women are the ones most enthusiastic about it. So what are the retro trends which are bound to hit 2015?

Peplums has been hitting the fashion scene these couple of years and not going anywhere anytime soon. Peplums are adored by many women as the design gives a nice silhouette look of their body figure. It accentuates the waist curves while making you look beautiful effortlessly.

   pink polka dot tankini $25    Gianna Peplum Top by Nasty Gal

High waist pants
The high waist pants were very popular in the 60s and 70s but dropped down due to the existences of hip hop baggy jeans. However, the high waist design pants are climbing its way back up and women love it all together. Modern women nowadays can work the high waist pants everywhere they go without feeling less confident. Whether to the office, a date or even a casual day out to town, high waist pants can definitely give you that easy going feel.

I'm not sure I'd ever be able to comfortably wear a crop top and high waisted pants, but I love how it looks!      what-id-wear: What I’d Wear : The Outfit...

     Shift dress

Shift dresses are coming back in style with beautiful modern designs for women to flaunt everywhere they go. It may not have that body hugging element to show off your curves but it surely hide the areas you are insecure of. Shift dresses have that vintage yet sophisticated touch which women may find very interesting. Style it dinners, a day out with friends or a walk at the park looking gorgeous as ever. Choose from the colour block patterns or prints and work that dress with confidence. 

Black mini dress and blue handbag, plus some cute tights or leggings would be great    Striped quarter sleeve dress and fedora... cute summer outfit

What do you think? What are the best key items that can shout out your inner 70's style?
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