Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hello, just wanna share my happiness to future me :P went to bryan, daniel & siang bday party ytd night and it was totally a blast!! My high school besties and my college best friend gathered together. Imagine that people ;) Another beautiful memory xx

Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Photo Diary

Another month pass like a lighting; so fast and unnoticeable. After tidying my iphone photos into hard-disk, i actually glad that i enjoy my May a lot a lot with tons of awesome peepo.

first & foremost, i got my very first perfume & i'm loving the scent so so much ;)

my first experience in burger lab ;)

Nando's with my lovely sister :)

uncle jang with uni mates ;)

catch up yumcha session with long lost buddies ;)

Random dinner together with kexin & my high school buddies!! I love it so much when my bestie Xingti and kexin bun can mix along so well :)) SUCH A BLESS!

fun night talking and gossiping with my ladies ;P

brought my sister and cousins to support boyfrie's stage drama :) Honestly that was one of the moment that I felt so proud of my hubby boy :) He did a great job guiding and arranging for this stage play. A big big applause! Btw, it was Ambrose birthday too!!

 A trip to tioman with loves!!! I wish i will have the mojo to blog about it when i get the photos from my friend ;) The sea water is so awesome! snorkeling is so best & I feel sad for leaving the beautiful island after only 3 days T___T

My one and only bon's 20th birthday celebration! It was a blast!
I'm really thankful to have her as my best friend. We just "clicked" so well! Love you!

Jaemie, another angel sent from heaven ;)  Although this is only the second time i meet her since our singapore trip, our friendship is beyond timelines. We mix around so well and i think we have a lot of similarities as there is only 2 days difference between our birthdays :P Aries baby rockya babe! I cant wait to see you soon!! Take good care in Perth

I think that's the momentous moment of May'13. I hope i can enjoy double the fun-ness in June!!
God bless everyone & pls allow me to work my ass off for my hectic course works!