Friday, December 30, 2011

30 Dec 2011

Blissful day i shall say :) After so long, i finally have a date with 2 of my besties! So happpy <3 Have breakfast with my sister along. After that, we headed to ou.. not to shop, we just want some place to chit chat :D

lunch at delicious :)

girlfriends in the car :D

xingti is so cuteee

kc my dear <3
Dont be sad, we're here with you.

After that, xingti dropped me to damansara club to meet my hubby boy and his siblings :D

austin epic face :D

  how nice if i'm on the beach

I cant wait for tomorrow's party at bryan's house! Party ftw !!
The best part is i can end my 2011 and start my 2012 with my boyfriend :) arghh, cant wait to see fireworks! Must be so pretty :3

Waiting for ken's photo, i wanna blog bout my hubby;s 19th too :P


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exam fever

2 more days and i'm officially done with my first year of uni :*) I used to complain about my college mates with my high school friends, but now.. I'm a bit heavy hearted to leave FICM'11. Nahh, actually i'm just gossiping for fun, no offence at all :) Anyway, I'm done with 2 subjects! & tomorrow..apparently today, i will be having the most boring subject, BAVP. In my way of thinking, this subject should not be included in our final because it is an application-based subject. Why so funny we have to hafal all the theories now?! #sad Pardon me, PMS cause me to rattle a lot :P

#this is totally me

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec' 11

Last December was really bad to me, everyday was full of tears and worries.
I sincerely hope that this December will be a jolly december.

Merry Xmas in advance people!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miss Miserable

If this is what i call home, why do i feel so..alone?

Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm having a vendor at IOI Boulevard !

Hey guys! I'm having a vendor at IOI Boulevard tomorrow from 1pm to 10pm ! Selling pretty purses, clutches, bags, iphone cover and devices! :D Come support kay?
WIth love

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The first day of December ♡


Happy December everyone!
College at 9am today, but woke up at 7am.. I thought my class starts at 8am wuwuwu.. Slept on my cozy couch til 8.15am & ciao to college after that :D College like usual, went back at 4:30pm with nasi lemak & ramli burger. Baby is coming to mua house!


It was raining heavily outside, we and the pets chilling in the house :D
Both of us were busy doing our own assignments ! Love it when he's around :3


#new addiction : Snoopy Street Fair!

I should be doing assignment right now, 1k essay for econs based on a talk that happened few weeks ago. Nothing left in my mind ._. how to do?

Add oil !

Wednesday, November 30, 2011



It's December tomorrow, time flies. Too many things but too little time.
Anyway, I experienced a lot on November :D The first time clubbing, the first time travelling all the way to Sepang in the midnight with course mate & etc. Will update once i have the time :D

Anyway, 28.11.11 was the day when my darling had the first din din with my family!
It was a happy night :) The food was so finger-licking good too :P awww, cant wait for more interaction between my love one & my dear family.

Argh, have to be more productive! I dont want my 18th year of existence end without doing anything big ! The first thing i want to do well is on my studies! I wanna get my scholarship :D

All the best to everyone out there!


Sunday, November 13, 2011



I do not understand why when my emotions reach to the peak, it falls eventually after that.
well, this is life!
Anyway, i gotta cheer up & be productive everyday.

Btw, I'm sad because 2011 is ending, which also means that my 18th is ending too! D:
The worse thing is i haven do anything BIG

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just finished watching KEVJUMBA'S video. & i fall in love with him again :) What he said is just so trueeee! He's so awesome! By the way, my psychology lecturer look and act like PAPAJUMBA which is also one of the reasons that i will never fall asleep during psychology class :D

Charlie actually appear on my mind when i'm watching kevjumba. CHARLIE! :D

Wednesday is the best. Class starts from 8 to 10am. Home sweet home after that :D Night going yoga,, Bestnya~ Was thinking what to add to my blogshop. Click it click it!! :D
Mustachey goodies? since kevjumba love it too? HEHE

There're still many pretty goodies available at my blogshop.


ciaos! Rushing for yoga class :D


Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey guys! How are you doing? Great? Awesome? Nah, mine is bad :*( Having much stress recently : academics, economics & etc. I don't know why la, i felt kinda upset studying in Taylors. It isn's that fun & not cool at all -_- I can't really stand their attitudes and behaviour, most of them are like "%$E^%$#%^&)" sigh. I wonder is it my own problem or theirs? I do not enjoy much in my campus. Hope i will feel better soon #prayhard

Anyway, i had my haircut one week ago! look at the before & after... \-.-/

<span class=
totally out of shape

<span class=
& the ugly root

<span class=
after my hair cut :D no more ugly root!

<span class=

I had my haircut during my anniversary eve :) At night, me & hubby boy went for movie and din din to celebrate our big day!

<span class=
I din really dress up that night :( regret much

<span class=
but he still likes it

<span class=
my hubby boy

<span class=
anniversary gift :)

The foodie of the day is totally awesome! I'm like..

Blog about foodie at this hour is really wronggggg. I'm craving for cheesy food naooo!
I miss the pizza so so muchhh!

<span class=
appetizer - mushroom soup

<span class=
awesome pizza!! the cheeeeseeee :3

how can u resist?

<span class=
this carbonara is realllyyy (Y) (Y) (Y) to the max!!!!

<span class=
our dessert :)
If im not mistaken, this is a tiramisu :D

<span class=
my favourite boy ♡ He's way toooo cuteeee

<span class=
happy us

We do quarrel and argue over little things, but we do also work together and make things right. We had so many obstacles these two years but we're able to cope with them. We support each other mentally & physically and love each other from the bottom of the heart. I'm happy that i'm in love with him ♡ Moaaks! Happy two years anniversaries sammy!! Love you much much :*

Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Party a.k.a Mooncake Festival Celebration

First & for most...

SORRAY!! I did not mean to not updating my blog :( Forgive me kay? I've been busy-ing for my assignments & quiz & also my blogshop*
I'm here again, dont sad kay? *giggles*

Me and my family celebrated Mooncake Festival at my house. We had BARBQ Party, which is my personal fav :P Lamb chop, juicy drumstick, chicken wing, sausages! ARGHHH i'm missing mua food :D & of course sweet potatoes..yum yum! My family from mother side and father side came. Everyone is so happy! Too bad sammy was sick :(

ze foodie!




OMG this is really yummy! The outcome isn't hard at all, juicy and tasty T___T


sister :3

aunty sham & mummy
i'm so sure that my mum is gonna kill me when she saw this :P

HAHAH he's very cute :)

sorry for the bad photo, but it's me having my juicy drumstick :3

my fav sweet potatoes!

kids playing tanglung :D


kaima with my father side cousin :D

me and my sister work so hard in hanging the tanglungs :)
It made the atmosphere so much better!


My mother side family went back earlier. They have to work the other day.

camwhore in my room :D

I then took out some glowing sticks for my cousins! They love it so much :D
We did light painting outside my house





my lovely family :)