Friday, December 25, 2009

hohoho! Xmas Eve =D

Okay, Xmas Eve ! =D i've been out for the whole day .__. wheeee! good news for me, i really want to celebrate this kind of day everytime =D HEHEHE!
Early in the morning, autie sham came hrs & fetched me & my sis to one-u =D
going there to meet my mummy & kai ma =D
had breakfast in paddingdon =) errmm, dun like it already! bored .__.
watched ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS! so so so blady cuteee TT i wanna watch again lah~ =D love it so much ! =D
btw, met cheng cheng & yongyong with their 3 sisters! =D congrates cheng! get full As ! =D

the outfit :)

so thin punya sis TT

mummy finally came :D

kai ma & aunty sham =D

me & sister ( kaka) share this
hot choco with mashmallow =D

nacho =D

zen is so happy with his banana mango shake :D

we shop shop shop shop & shop after meal =D
waiting time to enter the cinema =D

me love thedore ! he's so so cutee =3

ah zen & liteng =D
how will they feel whn they see back this photo nxt time?
when they grown up =D

after movie in toilet

my cheese bake chicken rice =D
i know its fat .__.

end for the noon =D

6pm, mummy fetch me to cekap :( tuition for 4hrs ! rawrrr !!!
chemistry !
&&& guess wad? Mr Lim gave me a ruler as my xmas present ! HAHAHAHHA
he's so cute =D Thanks teacher!
After tuition, off to club hrs & count down there with my family =D

look like really know how to play ohh! hahaha

KillKenny =D

pretty ladies =3

sister & sister =D

me & 2 kiddies =D

me & marmeee! =D

sisters =D

me & kai ma =D

they are sisters too! hehe

aunty sham & mummy~'

mummy & daddy =D

mummy & kai ma! =D


Me with my santa ee ee x3

present from xingti ! LOVE IT

from mandy! :D monster ~!!! LOVE IT

from my chemistry teacher, mr lim XDD hahahah!
so cute of him =D

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