Monday, January 26, 2009


its 25 of Jan
;D having reunion dinner(S) !
one is in da afternoon at my granny's hrs
and the other one is at my uncle's hrs aka rayray's hrs lahhh!
had fun there :D

( granny's hrs dishes :3 )( XD )

(gambling in rayray's room)( the random pic )


and its today! weeeeeeeeeee :P
26 of Jan~~ Da first CNY dayy!
makan breakfast in granny's hrsssss and stay thr 4 a while :)

( today's dressing :) )

gamble gamble gamble! ( P:s// with kids!! ) XD
and went to mummyside granny's hrs :D
and and and later go desa park cityyy yamcha + aunt hrs thr too :P

( i love tis pic lotsss! vv yeng? i snapped it :P )

( bunch of cousinss :D )

( Qing Yi )

( da one i adore most :3 zen! )

( and da nottiest wan :P qing shen )

few hrs later went bak my hrs :D

( random pic in da car with sis & cousin sis, mandy!)

(when playing card games :x [ zen's tryin to see mandy's card ] XD )

(playing "TURTLE" & i always get da JOKER! :( )

( with my lil cousin bro!! :3 )

and about 10pm today,
visit another aunt in Bk. Jelutong :)
gambling with ADULTS :D
n very lucky i won $$$$!
tats for todayy :)

goodnite avone :3


Keith said...

i see nice food in the first pic! O.O

---Kaichi@tham--- said...

u looks nice in those pic. hehe

Shumeen said...

wonderful attire gal.
u r soo sweet

chong said...