Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Malaysia #GE13

So many tweets and Facebook status talks about our election today. So many slogan made, so many funny ads on newspaper. No matter what happen, I hope for country peace. Hopefully people do not just follow what your friends said. Think wisely. What is best for the country and the citizen. Don't get blinded with the temporary awards given now. In facts, look further and have a bigger picture in your mind.

Vote wisely people. Don't create chaos.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My ♡♡♡

Thanks for making time for me even though you are really busy ♡ I really appreciate every moment we spent together (: take good care of yourself silly boy! You have to make some time for yourself too ♡

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April photo diary

April has been a good month for me (: Started my year two degree, met new friends, mix with new gang and be productive in my studies. Too bad my bestie kexin isn't with me :(

My first time to upstairs cafe with this bunch of crazy people.

my first time donating blood with aliaa :D

rachael on the left, olivia & me

 drinking + bonding session with le friends

 funny guy terrance in the house yo!

ktv after class with yuan


have you met Ben with lipstick on? 

done our first interview with a friendly Pr practitioner

Anyway, me and bon friendship stay strong still.

 dinner together at bubba gump

the very famous ss15 pork noodle, my first time 

My dearest Chuah Kah Yee 20th birthday celebration :D so happy to be with my besties again!
Love how we talk about life and future!!

love her so much!

our first station was pasta zanmai @ tropicanal mall :)

watched ah boys to men II upon chloe chuah's request :D
a very funny yet inspiring movie indeed!

 next station Bone & Pot
since our birthday girl want to have steamboat fest during her birthday!!

really happy dinner!
nice people & awesome food!

white wine at xingti's place :)
we talked, chilled & had fun until 1+ in the midnight!!
had my birthday girl set her 20th year old objectives :P
dont you ever forget that! we have photo as proof!

& also in the april, my first time experience seventeen magazine photo shooting :)
thanks to karina for this lovely opportunity!

 met these lovely ladies for my look

really obsessed with myself
had my brow and eyes done!
fake eyelashes are really so powerful! shall learn how to make up real soon!!

Til then, 
just a lil update of my life :D