Saturday, March 31, 2012

30 March 2012

Ohaiyo! Don't know why i have no much chance to talk a lot with my sister recently.. She sleeps early i back late; i free she school, weekends she got x class x class again! Since she stayed at home today, we planned to go for movie and maybe lunch at one utama shopping mall :D

 OOTD : Topshop denim top, M&G spaghetti strap, Topshop shorts

we had lunch @chilli's ! :D

my lambieee :3

my sister's burger! This is really yummy & not costy!  

 look at the big eater/choco maniac!! This brownie is huge!!

gwad T__T

Anyway, i had a nice day out with my sissy!
Family love :)))

& guys! Do drop by tomorrow :D 
I'm having a vendor @ Zouk Club!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I'm feeling better :D

Hello folks! Went college for timetable briefing today with bryan & meet bunnie kx @college :) I'm actually quite excited to start my course! Hopefully i can meet some new friends, if possible another group to hang out with? HEH..

So not mee

photo credits to sammy :) he is addicted to bokeh effects recently.

I don't know why but I'm not happy.
Feeling empty all the time, sigh.. 
Hopefully everything will be alright :D

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Monday, March 5, 2012

Nice kick off for a beautiful March

Hell yes. So many things running in my mind but i take no effective actions.
Tomorrow will be good, going to interview a job @damansara perdana! 
Hopefully i dont get lost >:P

Anyway, yesterday was great!!! Seriously!! 
Sudden plan to bazaar at Jaya One to visit my sammy who was one of the event crew for the car drifting competition :) Asked my buddies along but most of them cant make it :'( End up went there by my own!

Oh ya! Both of us got ourselves couple tee from... PESTLE & MORTAR!

& at night, we went to Lee Hom MUSIC-MAN II 2012 Concert Live in Malaysia @ STADIUM Merdeka!!
OMG, i'm feeling very lucky still ! Got the tix last minute!! *happy kid*

such a cutie :3

it was raining that night & this perfect guy still sang so well :')

He made me teared a lil when he sang my favorite song 愛錯.
He is too awesome! 

My favorite part of the concert >>
His A Capella T___T

i will kept this tix forever! my lucky tix!!

All the best for me tomorrow! 
I need a job badly ;)

nighty night folkx!