Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heart to heart talk :)

I enjoy talking to the boyfriend yesterday night. We met up to have "tong sui" and to see each other =) Randomly, we talked a lot. It's not that we dont talk in the usual day, but this time, he told me all the big small matters that have been kept inside his heart, and i told him something that i really want him to know. Surprisely he told me that im his priority. This really surprise me as i never have a thought that im his first place :*) I'm so glad, finally i feel so secure in that moment. I know right, this joee just react too much sometimes. I just love him. He gave me a bucket of honey yesterday, we dated like we just started dating. It was so sweet. :) He look at me when i talk, and i just cover his eyes! So shy when he look at me like that *blush* I'm really concern about his health. His back aching and i cant help him, feel so bad when i see him twisting his neck and his back. He cant even sit still because he's not feeling well :(

I miss him already :*(

& im tumblr-ing now. & i found out that there's one of my friend wrote somthing bout herself in her tumblr. I just read it. We are so alike, the way we feel the way we think. Sometimes i feel like writing something but i just cannot make it. I dont know how to express myself in words.
So, i just copy some of her sentence in tumblr :) Love it, i feel like she's just another me sometimes.

Hubby boy, im looking forward to have another heart to heart talk with you soon.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday

I got no idea why am i so down, so moody. Feel nothing the whole day. It's my birthday. I shouldnt feel this way. I think it is just because it doesnt go the way I thought the whole day. Too excited :( Ignore me, i just nid a place to BOOM everything

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hubby DUmmie Boy ♥

hubby dummie boy <3

Can anyone tell me why is he so damn ke ai? ♥♥
Had a date with him on 25th of Mac, so long never dress nice nice together :D
Superb Carls Junior filled our tummy, fries are awesome :P
Moakxs! Im gonna love this boy as long as i live :)

Happy Birthday my dearest grandpa up there in the heaven
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

feeling great :))


ALOHAAA fella readers! Im finally back from LALA LAND :D
opps..some will be thinking "mm, monsterjojo looks different but i DONT KNOW where's the difference!!!".. Let me tell you la, its my hair :D Feeling proud to say that I had chopped off my fizzy long hair, dye it brown :D Looks better right? HAHAHA

I just came back from the 6days Aussie Family trip with my family. Not bad, the themeparks are awesome! Oh ya hor, i haven finish my Phuket trip yet. WOOPS

&&&&& I finally get my SPM results ytd D: D: D:
quite dissappointing la :( I want at least 8as to have the qualification to apply full scholarship, but too bad, what i got is just 7as & 3bs. GAHHHHHHHHHH


Im so happy to meet up with all the mates :)) I went xingti's house early in the morning. We planned to jog with kahchuah & fatty! Having fun gossiping & talking shit :D So glad to have them as the besties :3 So many things happened when im not around M'sia :OO

Reach school bout 11+, damn nervous, heading to the hall with the friends. Teacher was annouching the st8 As students on stage & the-less-one-A 93's, my name werent in :( So we have to see our class teacher for the results :)

still the silly face :D

Look at my face :(( round round round. I gain xkgs after aussie trip D:

beloved miss lim :)






Was thinking to have fun with all the friends after results session, but too bad most of them going to work :(((( So i spend my time with xingti :)


After few hours, the boyfriend ♥♥ come to fetch me & bring me swimming!!! WOAH WOAH WOAH so excited but super nervous, the first time i swim with hubby & with his church friends along :) Happy lah!! HAHAHAHAHA Ken, Andrew & Irene, so kind of them :)
So glad everything turns good, luckily the situation isnt awkward :P

& today spend the whole morning + noon with hubby boy :) had super tasty 豬腸粉 with him, spend time in my house, he plays guitar to me

Monday, March 14, 2011

#Confession 4

我每次都會醬想的﹐如果今天我死了﹐我最後悔沒做的事是什麼﹖最近的新聞更讓我覺得不舒服。 "Life is fragile" 誰也不知道下一秒 鐘會發生什麼事。 當你讀到這裡﹐請感恩﹐因為你還活著。

日本現在面臨的是前所未有的危境﹐死傷無數。不只是日本﹐還有其他的地方也在危險名單中。我誠心的希望全世界上的人都平安無事。 我害怕失去我身邊的人。 我害怕死亡﹐有太多想做的事﹐有太多想要保護的人。


How i wish i can do something

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sawatdee Kaa Day III

Wohooo! finally d day III, :D sorry for taking such a long time to blog :( I'm so lazy lahh D:
Anyway, me and my sister had the frigging superb breakfast on that day :D

outfit of the day :D

part of the section


the very very very very nice banana shake !!!!!!!! i miss this a lot :))

oh mamamamamama! passion fruit is love

super nice background for photo :)


Meet up with daddy mummy to take buggy to another hotel which is much more nearer to the beach :) The parents will be going to listen to a talk while me & the sister go to the beach :D

valentine decoration :) so cute right?




loving the beach so much :)

finding crabbie :DDDD







the hotel is very pretty lahh!


every lil corner will be a place to take photo :)



Go back to our own resort after 2hours :) It is the time for us to change into our biiikaini :D

we rent the surf board for free!

so happy :D

so cuteee!

my fav activity on the beach, catch-a-crab!! :P

There's still a lot of pretty photos with me :D too much too much! but im not going to share them out bcz i dhk they are not so good to post up on bloggg! :D
ehem, after chiiling on the beach, we went back to our resort & relax a while :)
have thailand wine which is the best wine for me :) my parents were chatting outside while me & my sister rent some disney cartoon to watch in the room :D



this is when we're on the way to return our dvd to the children playroom :D



this series of photos are my fav :D

After settling everything, we went for dinner at coffee house :D

nanchos! :3

mummy's sotong rings :D fresh!

my yummylicious rib eye! guess wad?! the mashpotato really drive me crazy :3
how can it be so nice! & the rib eye.. WOAHHHHHH <3

sister's sandwiches :D

daddy's green curry chicken rice :D

on behave of valentine's day :D


oh yeah, i remember smt that really touch my heart :)
about 1am on the valentine day, my father came into my room & gave me his handphone..
i was wondering why & he told me it was eugene! Woah ♥♥♥
we talked a while on the phone. & i asked hubby why is he calling me? & he told me it was valentine's day ♥ awww.. me miss each other so much & cry a lil on the phone.
The feeling is really awesome ;) knowing the one who you matter the most missing you across the country. I love you :)