Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What day is today? =D

Its my hubby's bornday !
wheeeee, do you know how important is it to me? AHA!
Im glad you're happy today. Im happy too when you tell me you enjoyed your 7teen b'day a lot!

Today, we went dsp city. Had our very yummy lunch at Kay's Cafe :D
you're having abalone sauce yee mee & me spaghetti ! yee mee is still your choice =P
Hand him the musicman-look-card which got B's butts greetings, a hand-made scrapbook from me self :D, & a present i got it from TopMan. It's a red-white BOXER! *grins
He showed me his very happy happy face ! so cute
Luckily he like it ! whee whee ! =D

spent our whole afternoon together. 谈情说爱 is always the best thing in the world
I love to stay closer to you & lay to you! Love your smell =D
Everything from you ♥♥ *gosh, why am i so in love?

The best boyfriend he is. Though you're having exam, but i still been cared & loved everyday. Mr lonely will never be my friend =P We call each other every night & morning, sweet messages filled my inbox. Every little things from you lighten up my everyday.

Once again, Happy Birthday Darling !
too much to say, Imma conclude some important one here ! =DDD
hmm, we're goin to celebrate more & more & more birthday right? Dun get bored ! =D
there'll be surprises *wink
Let's break down those halangan together! Im here whenever you need me, just like you do.

I You, Eugene Yee Tze Leong.


aHsoOn said...

wow 7 sweet

miss sharon said...

you are such a cute girlfriend aint you? (=

eminey626 said...

LOL! another sweet 1 :)

Monster said...

thanks? :P

B. said...

wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh song sei


wow~ sweet love~ ^^

JOYCE.A (: said...

awww! so sweeeeettt! ;)

Monster said...


Ernest said...

Wow..sweet sei..eugene zap dou la..

Monster said...