Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Random

today went supper after tuition, i have not taken my dinner yet. Four of the family members take our own seat in a square table. Me facing my daddy.
& suddenly i realized my daddy looks so tired recently. With eye bags, very tired face. Looks older than before. Hmmm, inner me feel so sad. =x How i wish i've grown up & im the one who working outside. It's real hard to take care of one family in today's world. Anything talk bout $ !
& me? got a long wish list ! i hope for so damn many things. DSLR, polaroid, new hp, travelling, cloths, etc etc. Sigh.. Really gonna think of my daddy sometime :) We got no financial prob & consider better than normal family i dhk. But still, HAHAHA the place we eat, buy cloths & etc, costes more .__. How mny $ also tak cukup lah!
My daddy often makes me dun like him, angry him. He used to be so not understanding in the same damn thing. When i got quarrel with him, i will always think, " start from tdy i will not bother bout him anymore, i'll not talk to him, i will not get close to him "
However, everytime i failed to do so, He's my father man :D & i love him most of the time!
may God bless him ♥




you are a nice girl~

N£o said...

my bro is going to be fine. =x

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thanks all :D