Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blast From The Past 2010

On the 25th of April, me & my whole bunch of girl friends & boy friends went for the annual event by Leo Club of our school :D Confucian Private Secondary School :D
Blast From The Past!
went there by bus ! :D Baby came along with me, but he went there with juni & we met in the school :D my pigeon is so so cutee ♥ ♥ ♥
Early in the morning, bout 10 plus, xingti reached my home T-T
i was still in my bed dreaming bout my baby boy T-T HAHAH! anyway, she followed me breakfast & mix so well with my lil cousin :D She got her nail painted and make up by aunty sham & mummy :D we had so much fun !
Oh yaa! aunty sham helped me to set up my hair actually :D it did not look like in the photo at first, i do not have my fringe down & was like, my fringe was flying up there TT
luckily aunty sham allow me to put down my fringe :D:D HAHA

before ir :D

make up in progress ! :D
mama said xingti mmg boleh tahan the pain whn mummy cabut her eye brown TT
pain like hell :(

xingti feifei :D

weeeeee :D ! my outfit were all from my aunt, just i got my own heels :D
hehehe! xingti got her outfit from my mummy~

When we reached school, we saw kenke & thong with the boys standing there already. So, photo session :D ! Everyone dressed up so so kua zhang :O how to say? hair setted, make up all over & all with high heels standing in front of the school gate :O woahh!

kenke xingti :D

mei thong jo~ :D

the girls :D
i know im effing fat TT

my darling kenke :D

,naughty daughter amelia :D

another naughty daughter of mine :D kylene!

the besties :D

camwhore kaki :D:D she got performance tat day :D

yanni :D

we're waiting for the bus :D

& this is the hall of confucian high school, it was okay actually.
the lightning is nice & the sound effect :D

seee seee seee!!!! my baby ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ ♥
heeee, so good of him came to acc me :D

his gay shoes & my high high heels :O

taken by him :D
looks like marmee here! yes hor marmee?

♥ ♥

the booklet :O

beibei the very cool beatboxer ! proud of her :D

the 1990z

best couple session ! spot someone kissing on stage?
& of cz my two buddy ! brabra & ling so cute up there!!

& they got the winner of tat day ~! voucher of topshop man :(
so nice!!

yanni & the childish yongsheng :D:D

xuxu :D

pretty yencheng :D

my babies :D

yuqing & yeetheng! :D

thong thong :D

chen's band :O

my darling! chuah~

wanted symphony. i do have good impression on them whn they are on stage!
baby like the basist but me like the electric guitar guy :O
after some bad stuff happened, totally spoilt :O

the paradise ! :D

mun has long legs!! envy much :


There's an end after paradise, baby brought me to backstage to meet my friends & the 1990z. Photo snapping were done :D a lil :D HAHAHA!
after that, me & baby followed juni's car & he fetched us home~

tinetine munmun jooooo~~ :D:D

lao meen :D

eugenee foo ! :D

vinvin :D

suki :D she's so slim!

kok yung :D:D!!!

the 1990z :D

lao han :D:D

eeeee :D

chuah chuah :D

that's the night!
everything was not bad, good !
i spend my whole night with my love one & my friends :D