Sunday, April 5, 2015

Update Update

Hello beautiful souls,

It's so hard for a fatty like me to have a pleasant selfie. It took me a while to find a better picture of my self as the starting of my post. Time to really get fit. I need to get rid of the extra chubbbs on my face!! #nocarbspls

Life's been really good to me! I've got myself a proper job (yay!) and working really closely with my colleagues. Everyday i get to learn smt and the happiest point to share is, I'm genuinely pleased that I'm productive every single day.


My family has been supportive in everything i do. Very glad that they believed in me and I'll prove them right :') Can't wait to make them proud! Baby is as lovely as ever. He cares and loves me every single day and we are happy to work hard together in our career  Need to save a ransom to travel the world. He brought me to some M'sia landmark the next day of my birthday because I've never been to any in KL :P

Very proud of my gentleman, he always manage to reach his dream with his own effort. Remember when we were still very young few years back, he always tell me that he wants to be an Emcee and now he did it  ♡ He had quite a lot of exposure in the line. He had done car event in the mall, mall lauching in Malacca, wedding events, local celeb album launching at Johor, and etc. For those who has any request on emcee, do contact him @♡  I'm sure you will be satisfied!

Til then,