Sunday, September 26, 2010



my monster pencil case accompany the whole stupid day
holding the bm and study study and study
honestly, i know most of those sastera, im just not familiar with them
and thats why, i find it boring to study things i already tau ._.

However, i still need to study lahh
Trial leh, spm coming leh
SCHOLARSHIP leh leh leh!
feel so miserable when i force myself to study
feel so annoying when people nag me to study

stress? i dhk so
I dunno but i feel so
im not afraid of exam but i just dont know why i feel so uneasy
& lastly, i turns to be insane
biting my same species

headache, thinking too much !
hate those all
so, all the best to me :)

bb bb bb !!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Seriously i love this song :)

Nothing's gonna change my love for you by 方大同 Khalil Fong
the way he sing is just so heart twisting !....<3

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comment please?



Tuesday, September 21, 2010


AHA, time flies, im having exam this thursday! WOHOOO so fast ._.
graduation day, soon also ! Gah, honestly.. I love my school life.
Im happy whenever im with my friends =)
christine yo kah mun is the fella who makes me laughing like hell in class :)
few years sitting tgther in the class, love her :)

Im may not update my blog so frequent now my dearest friends,
i have no a camera & i will be busy for my exams :)
so, do visit here
i will post up some pretty photos and some pretty quote daily =)
and follow me @

Im glad to have you in life

with loads of love,

Sunday, September 19, 2010

emotionally distracted

Oh recently oh recently, i think im sick. Mentally sick. I got over-joy, over-pissed, over-moody, over-upset. FML
i dont know why this happen. Im so sensitive in things ;( that makes me feel so so bad.

my tear are valueable last time, but i dont dhk it is now.
my pillows are wet at night at most of the time, i just dont know why
i think bout so many bad stuffs that happens on me, family, friends, love, whats more? study.

Im so pissed. i hate myself sometimes
i need someone to rely on, i need that person so much
and i carve for it. i hope there'll be someone for me when im sad, i need someone to talk to, i need someone to comfort me HAHAHAH what's happening on me?
this year suppose to be a good year but why? what's going on with me? i just dont know

hahaha, my family
i got so speechless to them for being not understanding, selfish, self-esteem and etc
yea, im not a good child. your target is so damn high, i dont think teenagers now can reach it
im a outgoing person but i've controlled myself not to go out tat frequent already? what r u still blaming? did you see kids outside now? will you be a lil bit grateful for what im being now?
my attitude, you guys blame me for that.
i was just trying to protect myself, im not wrong, i wanna explain, but u guys just judge base on what u see! today incident as example
i help grandma to change her meal to chicken chop without sauce. i told that stupid white lady exactly what grandma wants and i RECOMFIRM already, i just dont know why the food came in different way. And what u did to me? scold me immediately..fark.
this is not my prob at all ! thanks god i stil have a sister who understand me well
we both cried in double one restaurant in the morning and the crowd is staring

friends, thanks god we all pass the hard days together.
xingti and kahchuah are the one who forever give me supports and love
i love you guys

love, i dhk im annoying.

spm is coming
i dhk im stress

can i have a better life?
fark it

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our day :D

One year anniversary <3

coming up next =D
ps:// im looking stupid here, but he's darn handsome :D:D:D:D:D

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy One Year Anniversary Darling ♥♥

Monday, September 13, 2010

HAHAHAHA!! i love my life somehow, random random randomic :O
have u ever think that me & my family will be picnic-ing @ templer park? HAHAHAH
yes, it happened on last saturday. We had lotsa fun ! =D

kaka , zen & mandy :D:D

me & my zen zen :D:D
he came my hrs and stayed overnight

the hot mama!!

daddy bring her along too!! hahahaha


it isnt just my family going actually,
its with my kaima's family and her sister in law family!
kinda crowded :D:D

fisherman :D:D

the journey of our destination is bout 20mins!
we carried all those heavy stuff up to the jungle, so heavy!

so many trees :D
so refreshing!

lim ee ee is so so excited ! =DD

this is seriously heavy i tell you :S

waterfall, here we go!! =D

long way to go still :SS

HAHAHAH she's exhausted !
stop half way and do our picnic :DD

this is my daddy :D:D

mua with the sister :D:D

my dear family :D

he's gonna be so handsome next time!

No more photo for the following activities, know why?
the camera of my dad's company cacat-ed :(((((
too bad.. thanks god it "recover when we got home!
we went waterfall, woahh.. so huge and so so cold !
i wanna go there again after trial or maybe after spm :P

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sister's love

FYI, im not able to on9 from ytd.. ftm
anyway, im here now @ my kai ma's hrs :D my family have our dinner here!
so delicious :D

i know you guys love my top! :D:D

omg, they end mahjong so early tdy :((
meaning that i cant on9 dunno for how long again !
byebye loves!

im happy that i have you EUGENE YEE TZE LEONG
loveee! :3

Monday, September 6, 2010


This is 100% Random! OH GOSH
TUMBLR, its your bad :( you made me wan so many things la D:


oh yes i own this but i dont look that good like those girl in tumblr ;(
im short and im fat.. FML

i know i know, before getting pairs of leggings, first i need a pair of LONG Legs :(
too bad i dont, perhaps, i need pairs of heels to help me S.OS


this is really so pretty :(

( i lie to myself, GAHHHHHH)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


God Bless Him :*(
Baby is sick lahh..
Hopefully he can recover fast ♡♡

Friday, September 3, 2010



the next day of the morning, we all woke up at bout 530am !! WOAH so early in the morning :D
munn feeling uncomfortable in the early morning and was rest in the specific room, given some glucose :)

we gather in the main hall again, doing some exercise !!
see why chuah is laughing? we were planning smt bad :P

this is when vinc showing us how to dance "NOBODY" the hitz for 2010 :D
this small activity suggested by marcus,
those who volunteered to dance outside will den dancing outside :D
our teammate jia yao are on the stage too! =D

see the one who with the very big action? thats' jia yao!! =D

yeah, lining up and gather outside to take group photo!
the sky is so so blue :)
love the clouds!!!


HAHA, Thats the girl friend, we wont forget to take our ownself photos!! =D

my friends too!!
lovebirds in the middle :D

the happy family! :D
love this much :DD

big crowd :D

big thank you to the photographer :D

that's the participants!!
HAHAHAHA we;re huge :D

my two bestie!
xingti forever looking stupid and kahchuah forever poser!!
shumeen behind XD

mun has the biggest eye XD

me run to them so that i may squueeze in the shots!! XD

HAHAHAH, jumping photo :D

i really have bunch of good friends :)

SAY BYEBYE to help college :)
we're heading to STADIUM BKT JALIL :)

Mr Hwan as the one who leading us in the bus :D

were given this :)

cool hat ar jiayao :DD

the government officer who talk damn a lot ._.

Daniel Lee :)

Yi Jie Qi :)

Z-chen with a malay female singer :)
she;s good!

Luo Yi Si :D
i like her lahh!!

we're doing some "making rain" activities and it turns out awesome COOL!!

Fish Leong, the most welcomed guest :D
everyone was wiping tears when she read out the story ;(

She's awesome in singing :))

glow for her :D

us :D:D

hahah! did this with munn :)
thanks for snapping this photo butty~!

Lee Xin Jie cants turn up..too bad ;(
but she shared us her xperience n views thru the video she prepared with her husband ;)

its almost 4pm when Zhang Dong Liang appear on stage!
we're all deadly hungry and wants food so much!

the fund we raised for 2010 is RM1.15 million!
thanks god :D


BUT we are not allow to eat also :((
until after countdowning.. :P



We're released :D

with my kenke :DD

The most torturing part is actually when you got ur food in ur hands.
the scents of the bread is flowing in the air and enters your nose
the smell stimulates ur receptors and cause u getting more hungry!!
my god.. can see cannot eat TT

we're like hungry ghost XD

A photo before we leave! with marcus again :D
we really like him a lot lah!! hopefully we will meet in future :D:D


we're not following the team to go back to the college :)
we self go back by ktm =D
me & kenke were running to the nearby toilet, we need to release the toxic from the body so badly!! XD

snacks!! when cathssy bought us tickets :D

everything became so tasty when you're in hunger XD

stopped at kepong station and headed to D'fortune! :D

the bday on the right :D

Happy Bday meow!! :D:D


This is the very first time i join meaningful event like this. Learn how to appreciate things around and cares things around you. We're consider very lucky compared to so many people. I've met new faces like Tracy & Marcus! Tracy is so kind, the best leader ever. Marcus, Fuiyoh! He really impressed me by his talking skills and the way he conduct the event. A friendly person who willing to share his xperience to the young generation!
thanks everyone ;)
credits to kenke & mun for the photos :D