Thursday, December 31, 2009

Come to the end of the year

Duno wats wrong with the connection, ytd im not able to online =( but very lucky, the connection is okay today =D phew, abuden how am i gonna end my year nicely? :D

Nothing special this month =)

Its just, Im
late for the first school day. Not only that butty! Im late to school for 3 days in the first week x_x The post * clickable

Happy CNY

  • Valentine Day with my butts =D

  • QM duty on Thurs =D

  • Redang Trip

  • Sports Day

  • School Camp

  • Sweetest Bday ! =D

  • Preparation for kahchuah's bfday =D

  • Sentosa High School Campfire

  • Kite Flying

  • English Fortnight Closing Performance

  • Wedding Party

  • Scout AGM

  • Sepang BeachBBQ

  • So call "Jolin concert" with Tine & Fatty XD

  • First Time Working

  • Carnival Preparation

  • Carnival, glory =D

  • Malam Kebudayaan

  • FireDrill

  • Majlis Persaraan Of QM

  • First Chuuuuuu

  • Super Fun SCout meeting

  • NelsonTan

  • Im in a relationship ! =D

  • Ceramah Day

  • Hari Patriotic

  • DSP doggie

  • Slurppie Contest

  • AAR concert

  • LunchBox

  • 2009 Graduation Day

  • 2012 movie

  • Children Day

  • Secret Campfire

  • Xmas Party!

Haih, honestly 2009 is my fav year for now. So many memories this year. I have been involved myself in Sports Day & Carnival & Campfire that really make me learnt a lot & a lot =D
&&& the most important one, i met my mr right =D though its just few months time relationship but i really feel like ive been with him for very long time =D
Friends ! yeah =D i realised i got a lot of butts man ! all of them are good =) i love you guys !
Family, yea, they trusted me ! =D

2010, gonna say helo to you! yea =)
hopefully i can manage my time well! SPM next year, i gonna work very hard. No kidding
&&& make myself prettier ! HAHAHAHAHAH aim lai ehh =)
& of coarse, my relationship, as sweet as now we're having!

its 00.00 now ! wheeee

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone !

for 1993-ians, JIA YOU!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finally, The Camp Post =D

18.12.09 Friday

Yeah, a day before our camp. As the organizer, we ought to go skul a day earlier to do all the preparation ! =D Let the pictures replace the boring text ! & description will added below the photo ! XD

a photo of myself & my knapsack on the way to school :)

the beloved juniors gather in school :D

& Thanks ah kin for helping me in the "fire-engine" =D

laoling, yunfang & chen ling helpin in cutting papers!
you know how boring is it?
so darn a lot letter nid to be cut ! THANKS A LOT!

part of the pintu gerbang :D

the HR =D

the very sunny LISA =D

xingti lisa me =D

juniors left their luggages in their "room" :D
wen jing got nice pose! hahah (in light blue)

the very good senior TT Joon Lim!
He helped us so so so alot! help us to buy stuffs,
this & that =D
& this photo is when he arrived with bunch of stock!

doing gagdjet still =D

bilik masakan =D

kah guan doing chef :O

the reason why we can prepare food fast!
how geng is that fire!
non-luminous? if im not mistaken XD

for pintu gerbang =D

these are the men =D

me & lao ti =3

went into the hall to visit my kahchuah =3
hahaha! she's goin to perform on MK!

on the other hand, this bunch of juniors did cleaning job in the foyer =D
cafe & exhibition setted here ! =D
i still remember mr ooi chun wen make me wet ! HAHAHAHA

so call lunch .__.
guess wads it? MEE HUN ! =S
i dun eat that ;P

kenke so serious XD

finally stable yet nice gagdget done a lil =D

this is whr me xingti keat mah & kit zai discuss bout lenglui
eating banana
etcetc XD

& seniors had roti canai ! =D

dunno whats wrong with ah keat!
tak suka ambil gambar

lisa & kenke back to work after lunch =D

stage maker came -D

Paradise praticing =D

shumeen's hair grow very fast! :O

they cont doin though its raining =)

lisa lok with logs! =DDDD

you know de lahh, its hard for me to not-snapping my own photo! =D

finally a photo with keat & mah! =D
they're good boys!
who really being so gentleman in helping =D

seriously i likey kenke face =D
so cuteee!!!!

me & the very very nice good friend !
Love herrr =)

i've been wearing this from form1 ~!

captured by keat =D

gang mata sepet!

everyone is doing hard for the camp

bout 5pm, xingti daddy came & fetch both of us home
to xingti hrs lahh =D
we bathed & do this .__.
de-blackhead ! :O

after 2 hrs, back to school XD

the men finally finish their pintu gerbang &
bekerjasama placed it on the specific spot =D

ooi chun wen, who is the very funny yet cute but notty junior =D
i got no idea when he gave me a peace sign whn i snap his photo
he was giving out his "gan yan" at that time.
in front of juniors XD

Another gang, doing souveniers =D

& here is it !

its dinner time =D
junior got their "fan he"

After dinner, these poor lil ahli,
helping me to do the hall deco ! D:
lao ling, tze yang, brandon, & yun fang

climbing so high & adjust the words
doing a lot of mafan stuff!
truely thanks a lot!
especially tze yang =)

& the "energy" crew, practising for MK =D
seee, tze yang still doing behind

this is kai hong =D
he did a lot of practices for his performance :)
he being very nervous & he wants to make it perfect!
he did do his best =D

Though we haven finish our deco, but all of us are gathered to a meeting.
so call a briefing for the camp =D
so, we just put our job aside, & meeeeting! =D
ive not had diner yet that time, around 11 to 12am .__.
no wonder i feel like myself being a lil slimer during the camp!

these are my babys! =D

& this is the one hu incharge of the activities, kuih kapet!
he talk a lot & a lot
& me.. ask a lot of questions! to make myself clear ma .__.
buttys said they were stupid but i dun dhk so?
maybe im sleepy @@

After the meeting, we back into the deco .__.
form3s are too tired, especially tzeyang & edwin ! hahahah
ling came to help too, but for some reason, she nid to bath herself !
to make herself more comfy =D
hence, the form 4s came & help!
me, xingti, kenke, lisa, keat,ngau &.....!
i really feel so touched when all my friends lend me their hands :)
they can actually rest.

we did it for so so so so so damn long!
abg wen pin came & kacao a lil, but he made all of us laugh like hell =D
doing this deco is real so annoying for me, luckily i have those butts !


kenke =DD

& actually there's this bunch of people lying on the sofa & main!
but but but, they came too!
to acc us =D
seee, i got real good friends :)

you will do that when you got too boring?
wanna do a "gene" version but there's no "g" :(

& finally, i duno wat time is it =x
bout 3++am i dhk? HAHAHAH
or maybe a bit more later?
finally TT
i tot i really finish this, but who knows,
the big fat geraldine piss me off .__.
screw her

after the deco, 10 of us
me, xingti,kenke, keat, mah, kitzai, kuihkapet,CJH,kah guan & the driver wen pin
sqquuuuuze in a SAGA just to yamcha in ali food coart!
lisa not going, she rather to be pig in schol with my pillow =D
do you knw how pack is it? =D
da threee girls sqqueeze in the front seat, back one 5 guys & the car boot there, ah keat inside

reached there & 3 of us, burger!
so not nice .__.
but neslo ice, "JIENG" AR! =D
bout 5am, balik school & rest a while luuu

tHeEnD. =)