Friday, November 28, 2008

ehem **
i'll be disappear about 4daysss
from 29 of NOV :)
goin to enjoyyy myy teeeenagee life!
teeehee :D
byeeee everyyone
Don't Miss me too much :P

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A dream

yesterday night :)
i got a dream~~~~

nice dream for me :D
i dreamed bout him
he was in taewando uniform
although he's nt in taewando :P
and his hair sudah longer O.O!
until can tie half
looks damn nice
and i'm so O.O about da spot i "saw" him
its downstair of my tuition centre!
its a very weird dream
but i like it :D
miss him :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Addicted to " "

The Click 5 Pictures, Images and Photos
Hiak hiak hiak~~
OhYeahh! :D
its da click five :)
my addiction recentlyy <3
Click five Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Taggie frm VinVin :)

The rules:-Link to your tagger and post these rules. List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people

¤Random Facts ¤
1. Wasting time doin nothing at home :X
2. ehem..addicted to emo songs recently :D
3. Trying to dhk rationallyy
4. at least one mcfurry in 2 dayss!
5. keep on chitchat with someone everyday :)
6. Miss him :x
7. <3 my budss
8. <3 my family :D

¤ Tags ¤
1. Kahyee
2. Kenke
3. Jwen
4. Jiejiun
5. Eugeneee
6. JunYao
7. VinVin
8. Keiiiii :D

¤About me¤
First name : Jo Ee
Nickname : Monster.. Mojojo.. Mojiaojiao and da new one : ee eeee? XD
Name you wish you had : -
What do normally people make mistake of your name? : Juyee ><
Birthday : 27th of Mac, 1993
Birthplace : KL
Time of Birth : errr..? duno :X
Single or Taken : just been dumped :(
Zodiac Sign : Aries <3

¤My Appearance¤
How tall are you : 155cm :) will grow taller !!
Wish you were taller: sureee..
Eye color : Brown :)
Eye color you want : i'm satisfied with mine :D
Natural Hair color : Black
Current Hair color : Still black
Short or long hair: Not long not short :D
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : No :P
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : Nope =/
Glasses or contacts : Glasses!
Do you wear make-up : Natural beauty need not to make up :DD HAHAHA!
Ever had hair extensions : No :D
Paint your nails : YeshYeshh!

¤In the opposite gender¤
What color eyes : Black one :)
What color hair : Black oso
Shy or Outgoing : Sometimes shy sometimes outgoing :D
Sexy or Cute : CUTEE!
Serious or Fun : Fun
Older or Younger than you: Older :X
A turn on: His hair
A turn off : His hair too. (x

¤This or that¤
Flowers or Chocolates : Both :P
Pepsi or Coke : Coke (:
Rap or Rock : err.. i dunno :X
Relationship or One night stand: Relationship for sure
School or Work: School. (:
Love or Money : hmmmm
Movies or Music: Music and also MOVIES :D
Country or City : Cityy! :]
Sunny or Rainy days : Raining..

¤Have you ever¤
Lie : HHAHA! yea laa :X
Stole something: LOL? candy consider?
BUYSmoked : NOPE.
Hurt someone close to you : Once :(
Broke someone's heart : No i dhk
Had your heart broken: emmm..
Wondered what was wrong with you : ALWAYS! :p People around me will noe :D
Wish you were a prince/princess : Yeaaah?
Liked someone who was taken : Nope
Shaved your head : YESHH! when babyy :DD
Used chopsticks : Yup
Sang in the mirror to yourself : Err.. Yesh :P
Friends or Family: BOTHHH!

Flower : As long as my him gif to me? :D
Candy: Lollipop lahh. (:
Song : So Sick - Neyo and loadss! :D
Scent : No i dhk
Color : ALL but not brown :(
Movies: I wanna watch horror one but afraid to :(
Singer : no specific one :)
Word : Pigu? XD
Junk food: MnM :D
Website : Blogspot recently :)
Location: JAPAN!!
Animal : Puppies. :D

Ever cried over someone : Ermm..yes :)
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : Heightt!
Do you think you're attractive : Mayb whn i'm doin stupid thing? XD
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: i dunwan fairy tales..but CARTOON!! ;D
Do you play any sports: yeshyeshh :D BSB to grow taller? :D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm a supergirl :D 22 Nov

today was so so crazyy :D
went meeting as usual without expecting any fun activities
i dhk there will be dicussion for da coming campfire baa :X
but hu noes?
stayed at MCA for only a while
Abg WenPin and Marcus asked 8 of us to get into their car O.O *form3
here's da 8 ppl :D
( err..picha kinda funny :D sorry la wei. these r wat i found in my camera :D )

and yes ! da 2 seniors :- ( LOL )

we sooner headed to selayang area.. i duno wat da place called but ada "jeram" thr :D 1st time saw tis kind of thingyy HAHA there's 3 jeram thr :D macam pool but hot water insidee
just one of it boleh renang dalam :x but it's freakin smeellyyy and looks geli :S however.. All da male creatures dun k at all.. they just jumped into it O.O! ohmygod><

and yaa! ngau zai hampir lemas in da water! HAHAHAHAH
he duno how to swim stil get into da water
da evil soonzee den pulled him inside da water :x
actually it was really funny :X da situation LOL!
and here's da video :X

da other 2 is for ambil air onlyy..much more better :D at least it looks clean ! :Demm.. i dun wanna talk much
let da pic tell u wat we did thr :D

we enjoyed much thr :) laugh n laugh!
edric n xingti jatuh di sana ! :D HAHAHAHA sumore at da same place!
duno hus da one laughed me during da skul camp hor? :P
tis is da balasan! ngekngek~
we ate ice-cream thr :) i got free ice-cream frm ngauzai :D
after that :)
we're goin to hv our 2nd activityy.. i dhk its around 11am
da crazy senior asked us to gif them all our belongings
our knapsack..HP..$$
we just keep our IC :x some of them tak ada bawa :X

( XD u cant c me :D )

and then
we got informed tat we gonna WALK bak to KEPONG MCA frm SELAYANG
%$#%^#&^%* ohmyhollymama! :x
u noe how far is it? n we not sure how to walk back thr..just 6th sense ><

frm 11.30 until 2.30 i dhk ><
kaki pun sudah nak patah !!
but nvmm laa.. its worth :DD
at least tried b4! AHAHAHA
and i love da weather :D
windy with lots of clouds :)
but there's stil da BIG sun there :O
i dhk i sooner bcm darker :(
p:s// not in grey laa wei :D

Friday, November 21, 2008

he's stil running over my mind
i start to miss him madly again..
him <3
yea.. i miss him
his smile
his facial expression
his voice
da care he gave me
da 3 words frm him
da text frm him
da muaksx frm him
playing on his arm hair
playing on his hair
everything around me do really remind me of him


da songs he listen to
even a rainy day..
errmm.. :)

I'm stil love him a loads

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

errmm.. :)

yo ppl ! :)
errr... thx fer caring me la harr.. heee
u noe wat?!
dun call me not to cry and not to dhk about it
it mmg hard la wei :)
but arr.. will try my best to be the normal me
it nids sometimes laa c:

thanks both of you :)
da one hu make my day better
i went her house today
spend my whole day ther.
speak out and cry out
feels better :)
and da fella's bro ==
woahhh.. so funnyy
make me really laugh :D

and the other one
not really close with da fella :)
but he really makes me feel better
he's trying hard to comfort me
and yeah laa :)
he did it ! guai Zai :)

and of cz all of u too laa..
jgn worry me la wei :)
Mojojo lehh
will be ok sooner :)

i believe tat rainbow
will appear sooner
after the rain

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bad Day

smt tat im afraid to happen finally happen..
He said byebyee to me :(
reason? he's stil immature and he dhk tat his mama was right..
can it consider a reason? :(
i refused to acc it. I asked him.. do u stil love me?
" dunno "
" i wan accurate ans "
" really DUNNO! " and sooner it bcms " NO "
here comes da tears. :(
my hands bcm cold n r trembling..
i stil believe tat we're stil in love.. I'm stil hopeful?
He said smt tat really hurt me badly..
He was trying to hurt me deep deep by tis way? He wants me to say byebye oso?

i cant do that :)
it will only die when u tell me face to face..
now i realised that i really love him VERY VERY!
more n more each day.. I cant afford to lose him
but how? asked him to stay back? :(
its just happen too fast..really too fast ;(
its now empty inside :(
i bcm much more weaker den i thought
cheers? HARD! really hard..
face da FACT? yea.. i'm escaping myself frm it
i really dun hope that its a crush a calflove or a puppylove
i dun wan tat :(
cant sleep da whole night..
reread all da msg he sent me..
dhkin why can it change so fast?
i hope tat its just a bad dream..
but when i woke up.. it remain da same..

if i have a wish
i hope that i own a time machine
to bring me back to da past

Sunday, November 16, 2008



I failed to smile today
Not even a fake one :(

Its just a day :)

negkk~ today suppose going scout meeting but it rains :(
so sorry tat i cant turn up :x it was quite heavyyy in my areaa.
so i continue sleepin :DDD AHA!
about 11+ mummy wake me up. Went 1u to have our breakfastt SHABU SHABU :P
Xingti said tat its not breakfast but LUNCH XD mayb?
and after that..
went for replacement class -> Add-Maths @@
its really #%$#^$&^8 woahhh! my brain hampir BURST! >.<
got to buyyy exercise book n do more n more :(
and after that..
went Starbucks yamcha :)
actually m stil full but my mama n my aunt.. TOO GENG! sudahh laparr O.O
and my sis ordered NASI LEMAK! wuhuuu~ O.O
its impossible for me to sit thr without crunchin smt :D I ordered cake! :) yummmyyyyy~
dropped my sis at Tine's hrs for her party n headed to granny's hrsssss
ladiess gathering thr :)
11smt reached home :D

i miss him so so muchhh :(
again and again
another 3 days !
Goodnight !

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hols :(

o m g !
today is da 11th day =~= dhk so..
i'm adi very very veryy B-O-R-I-N-G!
Any suggestion tat i can do during these dayss? ;(

besides that.. ;)
i do feel like growing up recently ! :DDD
i start to think lots of things~~
mayb am too free?


Thursday, November 13, 2008


woke up quite early in da morning :) around 10 i dhk AAHA!
suppose goin to a meeting at MCA by 8 today.. but my dear mummy had make her planning and i'm counted in :X in her planning , i'm not planned to go to da meeting LOL!
sorry for not attending it today :(
and abt 12smt.. headed to primary school to get my sis's UPSR results! wohoo :D
it doesn't change a lot !
Am so damn happy to c those lil one running here and there :D
and i'm TALLER den mostly av1 in da pri skool GUAHAHAHAHAH! *winks*
saw my ex-teachers :D miss ng changed her hair style n she looks better :D
Pn Yeap remains pretty XD
me n my parents wait and wait. Hu says time flies?!
I do feel like time's crawlin slowly tis afternoon =(
It was so boring and it nids patience for someone waiting for 2hrs!!
ohmyhollymama! :(
saw some1 playin bsb :) joined them!! :D
about 2 :) my mama rushed to da office and finally..
*congratess!!* My mum and my daddy was so keyed up :D
They keep on sms-ing they kaki , "report" to them ==lll
and because of tis victory , my dear daddy is forced to STOP SMOKING!
aleluyaaa :D he had promised us b4 da examinations :D
At night.. XD
My mum was actually planned to have our dinner in JOGOYA :D
japanese buffet :) it recently has 50% discount for ladies!! [ RM50per lady ]
it consider quite expensive but it worth!! :D
We had no oppurtunity to enjoy thr *sobss..
sudah fully book!!! WT* :(
so we changed our destination -> 1U~
we had our dinner at TGI Friday ;)
its nice :) but i rather to hv in JOGOYA~~~ :X
tatz all for 13.11.08
p:s// got no pics cz camera ada prob :(

Friday, November 7, 2008

♥ ?

I'm so confused about love.
Sometimes it makes me HAPPY :D

But da other time it makes me ANGRY
Sometimes it makes me Chew my nails :S
And sometimes it makes me plain worry!

But most of the time i do feel ♥ =)

And recently it makes me keep on chewing my nails n thinking of you ♥

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Part2 celaka them =)

ehem~ hey guyss! who is tis??
no nid to ask adi noe all of u noe she ! :D da 沙皮狗 :D HAHAHAHAH!
kenke dun angry arr~~ JOKIN only :P
tis fella.. one word -> Pretty ! damn jelous! *herh~ and she's slim enuf~ WEEWIT!!
another word -> 8~~!!
HAHAHAHHA! she wanna noe everything XD when i n tine talkin bhind..She'll noe XD
den after tat, she'll ask me and she will get to noe very soon! AHA!
and last one -> Blurr @@ hahahah
smtimes.. she's really damn blurr!! she duno wat r we talkin about~ all of us adi end da topic but she's stil dhkin abt it XD *smtimes laa~~
however.. Tis fella is really a nice buttock! O.O psps~ BUD la i mean =)
she cares me =) damn happy~ she comforts me always too! T^T gandong~
LOVE ya babe !

This woman~ SIAO ZA BO !! hahahahahah~

she ar..really ar.. super damn PERASAN!!
she damn care about her lookin ! OM*G mirror will not leave her~ she 100% lookin in da mirror in evry5 min i dhk! at least XD
and RUDE !! guahahahahha
she arr.. in class. very geng ! da way she sit O.O unbelivable XDD
and oso a PIG !
she damn lov to sleep ZzZzZ~~
even exam time *PMR! she stil sleepin in da exam class O.O!
Mei's stil a nice fellla~ :D she share her everything with me =)
tis make me so touching!! :D Love u !

ngekngekngek~ siapani??
SHUMEEN lu~!!! when thr's Jay Chou..She'll be there! :D
She ar.. sumtimes very EMO*
no smile de =( will worry about her smtime!
38!!! She's also one of da 38 ppl :DD
she laugh loudly when she's :D until all of us will look at her XD
but i love u to be lyk tis ! :D
Mystery! She's :x
sumtimes i feel so hard to catch wat's she dhkin~~ very mystery eh u :D
nvm lu~ I'll slowly get to noe u mur shumeen =)
hahaha I love tis Bud too ! ROCKERR~!
Ladies :) i gonna say sorry tuhh all of u 1st XD
for buruk-ing nama baik of u girls XDD
hope u all dun mind? XD

Monday, November 3, 2008

Celaka Them ♥

tis fella, Kah Yee. She's freakin yam :) she always complained tat she has no ppl love
but who noes? mayb ther's someone?
she's so damn lazy but she expect a lot in everything!
she hurts me lots =( i bcm mur n mur flat each day bcz of her =(
sei fo lu.. 没有了还打 ==
acc me when i nid her =)
Love HER so damn much! xD

EHEM** siapani?

XINGTI lu == so outdated dar u ! xDD

she's da fella who make me feel like will lost her sumdayy! SO BAD TT

she looks mature..but actually she's NOT!! she's childish den everyone! :D she's just acting XP


Miss Mojojo damn love her too! :D

she stands by me =) when i giving S.O.S!

HAHA! ♥ you lao ti :)

WALAO! wat face is tis?? HAHAHAH!

She mai Laotine lu :D tis fella ar..

PERASAN - she claimed tat she's da pretty one! :DD she claimed tat she'll be dasuperstar in da future. she claimed tat da fella she love will marry her in da future! OMDG!

AND she always "gam gong" with da derek lai.. ZAT me =( 宽.矮.肥!bad bad bad~

hahahah~ however..

My life will be incomplete without her =) she makes me laugh like hell in da classroom~

she comforts me when i'm in bad mood =) she helps me in mny things =)

♥ HER ! glad to have she in my life =)

These 3 ladies =) they act a very important character in my teenage life =) because of them.. I'm tough enuf to face my probs ! because of them.. I'm able to be proud of being myself ! AHA!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


我以为我这个人是不会遇到好像他们说的那种 feeling~

我还是那一句 “ 不要想太多啦!没事的 =) ”
自己终于感受到那种不安的心情了.. ;(
难怪他们以前都说 ‘你不明白的啦..这种东西它自己会在你的脑海你跑来跑去’


3天没联络了 >~<

T___________T~~~ @@
miss him madly >~<
i'm sudden unconfident =(
hope it will be okayyy..