Wednesday, November 30, 2011



It's December tomorrow, time flies. Too many things but too little time.
Anyway, I experienced a lot on November :D The first time clubbing, the first time travelling all the way to Sepang in the midnight with course mate & etc. Will update once i have the time :D

Anyway, 28.11.11 was the day when my darling had the first din din with my family!
It was a happy night :) The food was so finger-licking good too :P awww, cant wait for more interaction between my love one & my dear family.

Argh, have to be more productive! I dont want my 18th year of existence end without doing anything big ! The first thing i want to do well is on my studies! I wanna get my scholarship :D

All the best to everyone out there!


Sunday, November 13, 2011



I do not understand why when my emotions reach to the peak, it falls eventually after that.
well, this is life!
Anyway, i gotta cheer up & be productive everyday.

Btw, I'm sad because 2011 is ending, which also means that my 18th is ending too! D:
The worse thing is i haven do anything BIG