Thursday, December 10, 2009

Im a Starfish =D

Tuesday 8.12.09
morning til noon, was in school doin scouty stuffy! =D
camp is so close right now, too many to do *AAHHH!*
night is idiotic, dun wanna talk bout that =D

i love the 2009 form5 kb-ians :)

Wednesday 9.12.09
Im okay today. Get everything clear. Think a lot, spent my whole noon with my baby.
I realized Life isnt so simple like i thought. There're loads & loads of problems come to you.
You may get hurt & feel helpless but what to do? BE STRONG. Stop crying & rise again like a starfish ! Do not make little things break you down. Just be yourself :)

Thursday 10.12.09
oh gsoh, gonna wait mummy come back. will update with photos tdy! =D
stay tuned !

Update :-
Okay, today early in the morning, bout 11am, mummy bring us to OneU =D meet kaima they all in shabu-shabu to have our very nice steamboat =D its my breakfast! hahahahaha! skip all the craps.
Me & kaka aka my sis watched Princess & the frog! the movie is so so so so freak nice! shud watch it though its a cartoon. But Disney Cartoon always the best =D

me & sister kaka :D

zenzen! :D he's handsome actually! HAHAHAHAHA

The movie :)

this is mama odie & JUJU, the snakiee :P
we got the same name .__.v



HIP.PO said...

KAKAK! YOU LOVE ME ONLY!!! :P not the whole form five XD

Monster said...

I really love you!

HIP.PO said...