Monday, August 30, 2010

What a sugarish day ♡

FYI, New Zealand Ice-Cream will have a 30% discount for every 30th !!!! =D

im just sharing ;) in case u dont know~!
so today, my sis suggested to get ourselves some sweet buds, and randomly my parents are so okay with it :D

there's one thing i hate bout her D:
she donnnnntt knowww how to take photos :((((((
that's the reason why she got so damn lots nice photo taken by me :S

i need some "make-up" to make this photo better ._.
a smaller will do TT

ps:// i randomly meet my baby in dsp !! wahahahahahahah =D
thanks wei wei for calling my name :D
and kaka for suggesting to go DSP
though its just a while D:

& yesterday night...♡♡♡

hehe :D

he's really blady adorable ♡♡♡


I Kinda love you :D

Sunday, August 29, 2010

30 hours famine *Part II


We're actually having our Famine Challenge 1 :Survive past five! :D

the team mate again, snap photos on the way to the carpark =D

the game venue :D

random :D

the person is charge ;)

the girls and boys in a row :D

game starts =D
its somethings like moving front and behind acc to the ability to live
im in the green line at last which mean i can live more than 5 years old =D

this is the face after sweating :D
we all gather again in the main hall =D

this is kah chuah :D
credits to shu meen!! she can really take very nice photo of kahchuah =D

break time :D
after that, the second famine challenge started!!! :D
this is the best game of all =D

Famine Challege 2 - Living in the streets! =D
we are asked to buy 100foodpoints and earn as much money as we can
those foodpoints cost RM5 each and we have to earn money all by ourselves!
after getting the 100 foodpoints, the rest money we earn are used to compare with
other team to get top 5!

we were given newspaper to make our clothes and hat/cap/ whatever that hanging on our head
everyone is doing good to make it a success , teamworks =D

after that, we went for "sleep" HAHAHA!!
This is to get a chop on our hand so that the "police" wont bring us to jail :D:D

cardbox as our blankets :D
we have to sleep 5 mins before working

chop are given on our arm :D

this is the jail HAHAHAHA!!
and some of the police :O *scare scare*

me and chuah are together at first :D
we went to collect ( shud be snatching ) bottles so that we can sell to get money!

HAHAHAH! me and kahchuah can get a lot from them,
there are newspaper and so many tin and various size bottles
but only 500ml bottles are accepted

suddenly, when we were heading to the place to get our $$,
we got caught by the police!!!!
aaaaaa!! know why?


both of us are running like this !!
*actually the rule already stated that we cannot run during the game :X
however, both of us born with silver tongue too!! hahah
we defeat the police and escape from jail by persuading the police :D

& this is the place whr we play " msg passing " :D
there're 5 foods that we have to pass along 8 ppl
if everything is correct, we got RM10 for each of us :D:D

same to this but this time im no longer with chuah, she's lost!!
me with jia yao XD

HAHAHAH!! my friends jeen vern & min yen kena HIV +!!!

the "criminals" !!

i dunno why 3 of the teammates get into the jail too!!!
poor munn, see her face adi know XD

one of the punishment to get into jail :X

randomly jiayao get caught by the " dai ga jie" or gangster
he has been forced to be begger XD

inilah dai ga jie :X

the place whre we "sell our body" TT
me, kenke and shumeen been once! hohoh :S
actually we just have to read some articles bout HIV stuff den stay inside for 3mins only,
we DONT HAVE TO sell our body :D
this is dangerous as when the police came, we'll be caught :D
luckily 3 of us are lucky!

the ex kb-ians as the gangster who looks after the black market :S

how if the police came in?

at last, we got ourselves 100 food points and earn bout RM425++ money!!!
there're lotsa games, the above one are just part of them :D

we're in our costume :D
munn, cat, kenke, muah :DD

ngau zai, jia yao & jian hong

shumeen, chuah, xingti :D

kenke has the coolest hat!! looks like hang tuah XD

group photos of us :D

3 of us have a red mark on our hand XD
err, bcz horr, we did smt betraying moral in the black market
like i stated before this :X

thanks tracy for snappin us the photos!!! :D
she has been running all the way during the 4 hours game :))

finally break =DD
and 3 of us with the group tag! =D


munn :D

everyone resting le lu~

kenke & meow~! :D

FYI,its already 10pm!! and its not a sunday but saturday night :D
HEHE, psps :X
there's no more activities after that,
1030 pm onwards, all of crowd start washing up and go to "bed"

a picture with the mc, marcus :D

we were actually asking bout his career and what he studied in college.
he studying masscom too :O

the girls :D

after that, we gang back to the hall and gossip gossip XD
moustache girl from jeen vern! XD
but who knows suddenly marcus joined us =D
he shared his experience with us =D
so kind of him
*see kenke & cathssy, they are so happy to talk with the one they admired!! XD

:) its actually midnight