Thursday, June 30, 2011


So today, suppose to be a GREAT DAY..

I'm still having my one month holiday :D Imma happppppyyyyy staying at home!

i'm so freeee to do funny faceeeee :3

& darling ee ee is tooo free and she do a ?!?! face

my current addiction :B

At noon, i met my uncle at Kepong. He brought me to a car workshop to fix my car. FYI, i got into an accident ytd, a minor one. The car behind me bang me. There's nothing big. Just that my car is so smelly now, my milo split in my car :( When i reached home, i pandai pandai open my gate big & planned to park my car in my hrs. While my car was entering the gate, suddenly it stuck at the pillar (*&(*^&$^%%()*!!!!!! & my car hurts like this....

TADA! the front part.. SHYT T__T
im so clumsy :( my parents and my bf are right :( haihhh
I quite pissed at myself, phoned my father and told him about it. Surprisingly he comforted me instead of scolding :) & thanks baby boy for cheering me up.

My main purpose of blogging today is to share you guys about my yesterday :D ♥♥♥
29 June 2011
Baby texted me in the morning, asking me to go to his house so that we both can have breakfast together before he go to school. So after chilling in his house, he planned not to go coll bcz he had to complete his assignment within that day. We had "Zhu Chiong Fan" @ Maluri :D yummy! After that, he brought me back to my house to change and pack. We're heading to FRIM (photography session for his assignment)! :D

he was so surprised to know FRIM is that pretty :D he rarely come here!


breeezingggg :3

both of us dress alike that day :D white top with same type of pants!!

we stopped at the waterfall, had plenty of photos here :D

ily <3
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ sayang~ :3

seeeeeee!!!we dressed alike

I personally love this photo a lot!!! so pretty right, the colour the sunlight the person inside :P

At night, me and his whole family had dinner together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH
I'm so nervous and so happy inside :*) Feel good knowing that his family accept me :) heeeee We had bak kut teh at Kepong. yorr, im so happy now writing bout this :D:D:D eheheheh!!
After the dinner, me went mandy's house, guiding her to study Malaysian Studies. Din really help, we talked and camwhore a lot! HAHA long time no talk maa~

this woman!


she's a poser wei. I nid to learn from her asap!

In short, YESTERDAY WAS A GREAT DAY :D The first time having dindin with his family <3 gladdd~~ TEEHEEE!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011



心情波浪﹐不聽使喚的又上又下.. Miss Monthly要來的關係吧。嘿嘿..昨天翻開了2009年的日記﹐一篇一篇的讀。看回以前我如何傷心難過﹐如何放下前度男友﹐如何認識一位好朋友﹐如何拒絕好朋友﹐如何和這男朋友開始﹐如何和這個男朋友到現在 :) 看回以前的心情﹐真的很窩心的﹐因為都是用自己最真實的心情寫日記﹐沒任何假惺惺﹐一下子就能回味。

原來我和eugene那么相愛 :*) 我們以前的點點滴滴我都有寫下來﹐看回去的時候都是笑著流淚的。從現在開始我也應該想以前那樣﹐不管有時沒事都寫一點。可能以後看回時又會有這種感覺呢 :) 在2009到2011這段路之間發生了很多愉快與不愉快。不愉快的比較多吧﹗因為我根本不想回到2010。最佳保護心臟的方法不是要喝什麼保健品﹐而是要 forgive & try hard to forget。

Btw, my relativse from HK came back for some family event. & guess what! There's one baby girl, Emilia :D She's a mixed !! :D She has a angmoh daddy :D & She's freaking CUTEEEEEE! She behaved well in my grandma's hrs. According to my sister, she rarely cry :)
Remember how i met her, hmmm. I went upstair to have a peep on her :P Her mother told me that she has asleep. But when i went into my grandma's room, she's cuddling her pillow tightly and look at me, smiling. OMG she smiles like an angel <3 <3 She's not shy at all, she smile to all of us. How cute is she :3


she bully :D


I adore her :3

I have so much to blog, especially bout today :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The long lost girlfriend

Hola awesome people :D I'm no longer miss procrastinate, i found my blogging mojo! Ive been updating almost everyday recently. Thanks to the study break Rock On Smiley Sign

Last Saturday (11.6.11), me and my ex-tuition bestie met up at desa park city :D It had been a while since i talk to her :*) How nice to meet her up that day. ヽ(´▽`)/
Both of us had our girl's talk for 3 hours non-stop! We shared bout our college life, love story and whatever that happened recently. She's that kind of girl who rely on people a lot, glad that she found a boyfriend who's my secondary school mate -.- how coincident is it :D faith :)

Both of us occupied the seat for 3 hours at 32'F Shaver
& this is Chu han's chocolate flavour :D

& this is mine :D milk flavour
thanks jeenvern for the recommendation, this is tzeee BOOMM!!
love the toppings :D

jeenvern, the smart ass :P

We walked out from the dessert shop to the outdoor :)
i always love it when the sky painted with redish/purple-ish colour

We took quite many photos but i only allow me to post up some!
Thanks to my fatty round face HEHEHE

this is taken when i keep complaining about my face :D
HAHAHAH this chuhan said that i should hiding behind her :P

I truly enjoy the moment we spent together, talking, sharing thoughts and feelings. This is what a friendship does - Supporting each other :D And i found out that every girl is the same :) No matter how strong how independant is she, once she falls in love, she's weak and crazy in love! HAHA

For today (16.6.11), i loveee my gene gene more & more & more :) today is another lovely day :3

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm grateful ❤

Ohayoo~! :D Mmmmm, my blog readers are getting lesser and lesser. Credits to the owner's laziness :/ Btw, im here to blog about the 13th & 14th of June 2011 :D

13th June
It was a fine morning. Baby boy came my hrs and picked me up :D I had a great morning with him. Had chicken rice as lunch and back to his house to do some facial :D This time, we do it with eunice and austin :D HAHA funny and so random right?

Everyday must do chores. He'll wrote down his to-do-list everyday to make sure everything go smooth :D This is one of the small action that i love on him ♡

Dear sammy ♡

his effing cute brother austin! small but smart :D


okay, a hardcore pic. It takes zillion consideration for me to post this up!!
For my memory sake, i finally put down my image and here's the photo!! HHAHAHA
we had our facial moment together, sammy was with white face too, but he refused to take photo with us :D

He was holding my arm so tightly when he sleep. Im laying beside him smiling :) ♡

14th June

Which is today. I'm so proud of myself for being so productive today :D Study for the whole noon and still feeling fresh.. WOAH!! :D And around 5:30pm, baby texted me. "Are you at home?" WOHOOOO, im so happy bcz i know he;s coming to seeee me :D He brought me Starbucks Vanilla Frap and i loveee it so so much! Thanks baby ♡ And guess what? Today is also the first day i drove him with my Snow White it's actually an ordinary white kelisa :P . Surprisingly he said that my driving is not so scaryy like what my parents said! Had a lil chit-chat with him in the car, we both feel love ♡ I heart you baby boy.


ps:// Lim JIa JIa pls be aware, i would like you to spend some time with me taking phootos :P

Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm no longer illegal :D


Finally i got my driving lisence. HAHAHAH not so proud because i bribed to pass my driving test :( Anyway, im working hard on my driving skills. Wont make ppl die but yea, i scare the hell of my parents WOopss! Gene, u belum sit in my car yet isit? HAHAHAHAH
Btw, i planned to blog about these few days but flickr had been bitch to me :/ Hopefully i can upload the photos within this week! :D

ps;// photo changed :D