Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Helllooo Decemeber! :D

Today is the first day of December 2009,
AHA & my first day..kinda not bad?

me & sister stay at home today.
wake up at 11.40+++, almost noon :D
wake up sister after i cleaned up, since there's "phantom of the opera" movie on tv,
ask her to watch luuu ! she's form2 nxt year~ XD
however, whn she's done. the movie adi finish =__=

cooked maggie for me & sis, breakfast :D
hers korean spicy flavour & mine duck flavour
sambil watch da old hk drama sampai habis :D
its nice!

after that, start doin hrs work luu :)
i suggested ! HAHAHAHAH
be a guai lui make parents happy
so that i can go outing! :P

in d middle,
me saw pork chop in da fridge .__.
ambil keluar & plan to grill it later :D
smt funny happen .___.
internal kitchen got only electronice stove
pour the oil into the pan den suddenly FIRE ON!!!!
omg omg omg
*its actually not scary cz it isnt da first time*

when the fire is burning! ARRRGHHHH

here come the face, O.O

sister very cool & get a wet cloth put ON the pan XDDD
this is the right method but wrong way ! AHAHAHAHHA
the wet cloth din put off the fire at all, stil BURNING!

clever me * HEHEHEHEHEHE* *perasan* take the cloth and put in the fire
LUCKILY IT dun burn the cloth :X
& fire gone =DDDDD

relieve :D

so funny lah, after that, we keep changing pot to cook the pork XD
& the function of the stove .___.
the first pork taste good, though it looks bad XD
sister dare not to taste it, but i forced her to eat :X
the other piece, use the baking thing to bake it .__.
no black black stuff on it but taste nt tat good lu :P

did mopping & vacuuming the hrs :)
cant wait to see how;s my mother & daddy face when they got back :D
im waiting~!

p;s// darlin went cinema with his family the whole noon =D
2012 !
wheee. miss him lah



hey~you better be carefull~haha~nice girl~

Yong Sheng said...

becareful orh ^^
hope ur camera get fixed soon cuz ur drawing suck XD