Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Call An Update

Wohooooo, heyy people :)
just to post up something hereeeee! i dun wanna leave my blog dead :x

okay. the first day of skul, wheeeeeeee! Im so happy ytd :D
start to laugh during the assembly ! :O oh gosh, i dun know wats wrong with me HAHAHA
there's is someone yawning whn the national song is played..its just a bit too funny to me?
I cant stand it & keep laughing :X of coarse i catch people's eyes around me.. sorry butts! :P
& thanks for my butttssss who lighted up my day so well , make ytd a happy day :D
& my jo ! =D thanks for the afternoon! mwahxs :)

and and and today :) tuesday!
lke usual, chemistry in the 1st & 2nd period :) did experiment & had lots fun too!
&&&&& oh ya! thong cut her hair, she got fringe now :D so alike with yanni :O
recesss timeee, walking back to the class with my darrrrlingggg :D
& laughing with laotine after recess in class..its like nonstop laughing =x u may think tat im crazy but so? i enjoy laughing with only a little thing =D
sejarah the last 2 period ! HOLLLLYYYY all of us are afraid & feel bored to it before the lesson starts! We tot that it would be like usual..BORINGGGGGGGG & sleepyy
but but but, me & laotine pay full attention to the teacher! wheeeee!
So unusual as to be surprising; uncanny! :O we used to be the nosiest in the classssss
teacher was asking me & yongsheng to perform on stage on thursday ( i dhk is thurs lahh )
ehee! wat are we gonna to perform?
teacher said " actually caryn akan menyampaikan sajak pada haritu, tetapi saya nak tukar la..sekarang dipersilakan yongsheng & joee tampil untuk bergelak di hadapan! " *err..almost d same lahh! same meaning
LAWLLL LAWALLL! AAAHAAA! Teacher said that because me & him keep laughing during her lesson.. she's really so funny
cant meet him after skul, was rushin to board the bus :(
went jusco with xingti & tine to get presents for my dearie coussy & huanheeeeeeeee :DDD

hmmmm, will not be able to online at home :(
due to the suckingest connection GAHHHHHH
perhaps its a good thing? STUDYYYYY for my year-end exam!
im truely putting effort on it :)

Aza AzA FigHting! =D


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Day Eleven

ohhhhhhhh, its sundayy! school tmr? good or bad?
both lahh =D stress is coming to me, exam suckx ! biology, i got no idea with that though my mid year not bad .______. got no tuition & no attending to the class always! gahhhhh
addmaths? doing exercises luu, rewind back all the knowledge bout it == but am lazy..
physic? gonna study hard ! chemistry is the best due to the best school teacher & tuition teacher =DDDDD History..damn it == ! these are the subjects that come to my mind whn im writting this post. still got wad subject adi ar?

ciaos, im not going to touch the computer now.
packing my holiday mood, SCHOOL tomorrow !
no more yesterday night .________.

see me tmr :D

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dreadful weather, don't you think?

wake up at 12 today. Im happy tat i sleep so well !
just found out that mandy did not sleep well ytd night! AHA how bad is it
heyy! u'll have good sleep today, trust me =P
da bao dried lou xu fan just now, i cycled to the stall wheeee!
I did mashed potato for me & sister lunch, so call lunch lah :D
&& today is spotty's day! =D

so cutee :)

& peeps! i found out smt :)

Freerice.com *clickable*
click in & play this :) you may help!
  • Click on the right answer in the middle of this page.
  • If you get it right, you get a harder question. If you get it wrong, you get an easier question.
  • For each answer you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program
clear? =D

alright, its time for addmaths ! =D
im so fat today. gonna work out later on

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hell yeah, im with puffy eyes today, tired body =x
due to ytd insomnia *learn a new word frm tzia =D
i fall asleep at 6 ytd, its 6am ! LOL had one & a half hour of rest
waken up by the angelic voice, Im totally enamored of it =D
headed to xingti's hrs with addmaths textbook & pelangi
reached thr & c mr ngau is already there..
me lazying on the sofa for a while den we start to do revision le

and bout 10smt, tummy is groaning :(
i've not eaten my breakfast yet lahh *3am bread not accepted as breakfast ba?
so we just start cooking meeeeeeee, korean meee in kimchi favour ! LOVE it
its a lil bit spicy but darn shuang eating it :x

love it :O

me & my soulmate =D the other one is not here! *kahchuah

random snap :x

they are really sister&brother!

i cant stop laughing whn there's ngooijhenliang around =D
everything he did is just superb stupid & funny XDD & i realised smt la, small horse is a cute boy! so innocent lah. a tall boy bullied by a fatty jhen liang XD so gayy whn he is feeding jhen liang coconut flesh :P
we continue our addmaths after our one hour break. I fall asleep on the table =( for an hour
i dhk i wont wake up if my neck isnt feel so sour :D
Conclusion, we just did 2 chapter of addmaths today! HAHAHA from 9am to 5pm damn it
However, credits to ngau zai hu teaches me a lot =D

Had a phone talk with kahchuah yeeeeeeeeeeeeee tonight =D
ehhhh, calm down lah wei :)
Had a sweet conversation with my love one at late night

What's the time now?

My god?
do u know wat's the time now peeps?
its 3.47 am ! & why am i still doin here?
I cant fall asleep ! I've tried so hard.. shit
so suffering now =(
what can i do beside missing you?
ALSO, i tried to study but i cant concentrate studying. wth
help me..
i gonna wake up at 7.30am tmr !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diet? HARD

21.09.09 Monday (dayfive)
mummy is not working today..daddy is not working today too!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!
wake up den headed to kaima's hrs with granny & zenzen :D
gonna meet kaima them & have breakfast at puchong~ DimSum =D
in the end, the seven sitter avanza is so so so crowded =D
9 ppl in it, 6adults ( including me!!! ) HAHAHAH & 3 kids =D

this is my very cute little cousin in giraffe skin :O
she's super clever


oh yeah :D this is the place we going. M1 Cafe! LAWL

some of the food

actually its just normal lahh..hmm, dun really like it :x
nothing special also de =(
after that, we plan to go kaima's hrs & spend our day there..
along the way, uncle spot a durian stall by the roadside & everyone is like
i'm happy to have that but.. Im already very very very full :O
elehh, dun care lah just EAT ! =DDD *FEI AR* =(

tummy is overfull == cant breath lah.. who said wanna gam fei de? but seems like now "ka-fei"
wth..nvm luu ! one day one day ! =D *self-comforting*

i love the tomato juice =DD
best for preventing
Constipation !!

me jiajia mandy zenzen & ting were squuzeing in a sofa, watching the lord of the ring 1 & 2!
long movie =D but its really so so darn nice. wont be boring even though all of us watched before ! =D however, it may be a little too boring for the two kids, so they went out & main water lu =D
so cutee lah

ting & zen

me joining them just to camwhore aja ! =x

credits for li teng? :D

we had dinner thr too! its the maid cooking =D
the adults were playing mahjong since afternoon, & we just fooling around lu

watermelon!! LOVE IT

around 11pm, we headed back to our home sweet home =D & this two notty fella follow us home too ! (mandy & zen) they're coming to overnight at my hrs TEEHEEEE

this 2 fella keep on laughing whn they're looking at those photos :O
their eyes keep searching for those funny faces &..HAHAHA!

22.09.09 Tuesday (daysix)
Evening went desa park to jog =D ee ee is along
met my prince & ah ling ling & win ming !! hahahaha just..everything is so funny :x

at night, me & sister chatting in my room :) feel so good
she telling me how she feel all the time, heyy girl
dun be frustated !

23.09.09 Wednesday (dayseven)
Today is just so so BORING !!! im really a outgoing person
i cant stay at home without any tujuan == study? i did
but still..boring boring boring!
my connection just recover few hrs ago,
but still the deskstop is just super laggyy == sien
had a small arguement with parents just now
make me feel so bad
suggestion can be defined as plan? shit
"dun plan for me!" ==
im just suggest okay? next time i will just keep my mouth shut
luckily i wont be at home tmr
abuden i'll be so lifeless again ! looking forward for tmr !
although its just a revision in my butt's hrs =D

ohyaa! my 2nd hundred =D
get it using my own strength to work :)

i need more $$ to get my polaroid
i want it so badly!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

There's No Timemachine

Wednesday 16.09.09
ohh yea =D went jogging today with my jo. Its raining outsideee

Thursday 17.09.09 ( dayone)
Its Hari Patriotic in our skul. Me with few kakis gonna represent scout to be on the stage ! holding the flags & scream MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA ! lawll ! & guess wad? I'm standing in the middle due to my shortness =( too bad, but not so bad? :P im holding jalur gemilang and am the one who walk first *butterflies in my tummy*

" joee ! u look so cute just now "
" O.O! really?! *happy-ing inside* "
" yalahh! so short! "
& another version from another friend

" joeee u very funny lahh! "

LOLLL really tat funy meh? btw, claps for the drama! its funnyyy =D
p:s// LISA !! u gonna teach me hw to dance"sorry sorry" you're just cool ! =D

spot my cool lady inside? LISA LOK! d middle one =D

the drama kings :D

Choir =D spot ah mei !

& yes.. my turn @@ nehh~!

tadaa ! =D

at night making bday card for my buttt mr ngau =D
i doing this for his 4teen, 5teen & 6teen bday!

&&& the hasil =D mooo moo~

Friday 18.09.09 (daytwo)
The First day of hols :D mummy got half day leave, she'll be with us again at 1smt =D
we headed to one-u & meet my granny & kai ma at shabu shabu to have my so call breakfast :x
After that, we watched G-FORCE ! so so so so damn cute ! i love the fat genuine pig which fart a lot ! HAHAHA &&&&& i had 2 tickets to the coming concert !
YAY !!

my fav lamb =D

the before

& the after =D

the notty zen !

Saturday 19.09.09 (daythree)
my first day to work~ Im helpin my aunt in timesquare =D her worker had raya holidays
okay, its not bad for that day! no theif, no pervert man & no boredom :) i hope i really helped my aunt instead of making the sales worst . I met my camwhore kaki thr too! yit jiun :D she came shopping with bei bei =D & ex kb students, a prefect! AHA so glad she recognize me =D met a very friendly yet cute england old man & a young man with a superstar face ! He's tall & broad, with fair skin =O i dhk i saw him in tv before if im not mistaken :D

outfit of the day =S

&& the last but not least,
HAPPY 6TEEN to my very very good butttyy!
the kindest man, teaches me addmaths from time to time without blaming !
heyy you! take good care of urself &&&& BFF !

Sunday 20.09.09 (dayfour)
Today Today & today..holly! Not really in the mood today. Im sucks. Im very slow in understanding what my aunt said =( being so blurr & sometimes i cant help whn ther's a mess. Useless...But aunty said that i really help her a lot. hmmm, hope so? No much customers today..BORING!

when thre's no ppl, NDS-ing! MARIO! <3<3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 240px; height: 320px;" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_j6M0lgDm8WM/SrZZS_Jy_iI/AAAAAAAAIhY/Z-wF-eJWMUk/s320/P9200032.JPG" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5383588587293048354" border="0">NERD x-x

gamepost-ing =D he loves violence games ==

YAYYYY! tmr no working ! =DD
sleep late late & enjoy life !

ILY :)