Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another May..

Holla people! It's May again..#again. 1 month older :<
This month will be a hectic month for me! Assignment due dates, quiz, mid-term & etc. Need to work harder !

Wish to earn more money from my new part-time job! So many goodies i neeed to have ! plus i need to save more money for my year-end bangkok trip with le buddies & dearest bf :P Cant wait. :)

Ohh ya, for those who find my laptop stickers awesome, pls visit *BIRD THAT WHISTLES* :) I got my stickers there!

I have very huge appetite recently. I'm always craving for heavy & cheesy food like carbornara, mac&cheese..............2nd puberty? Nahhhh, it only grows side-ways BOOOOyah