Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just finished watching KEVJUMBA'S video. & i fall in love with him again :) What he said is just so trueeee! He's so awesome! By the way, my psychology lecturer look and act like PAPAJUMBA which is also one of the reasons that i will never fall asleep during psychology class :D

Charlie actually appear on my mind when i'm watching kevjumba. CHARLIE! :D

Wednesday is the best. Class starts from 8 to 10am. Home sweet home after that :D Night going yoga,, Bestnya~ Was thinking what to add to my blogshop. Click it click it!! :D
Mustachey goodies? since kevjumba love it too? HEHE

There're still many pretty goodies available at my blogshop.


ciaos! Rushing for yoga class :D