Monday, February 27, 2012

Penang Trip + Aunty Sham wedding II

There comes the dinner! :)

got not many photos for the night as the camera i've been using belongs to my uncle :)
Let's proceed to the penang beach part ;D

The next day,

 the best prawn meeee :3

  the best asam laksa!!! :3

 the best mo-chi!!!! :3

dayummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm beef kuey teow!! 

 i adore this place!! western food and dessert in reasonable price!!

that's all for the trip! 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Penang Trip + Aunty Sham wedding :)

January was blessed with love!! My aunty got married :) So happy for her! & the family members got the "excuse" to have some fun at Penang because that's my new uncle's hometown. Thinking of the beach part really trigger my excitement!! I've been craving for the beach for so lonnnggggggggggg. I guess i was a mermaid before this! HEHE plus plus plus i've slim down a lil  bit which makes me even wanna put on my new bikini more! But who knows I HAD GAINED SO MUCH WEIGHT after few days spending at my Prai before moving to penang beach hotel ! GOSH, look so ugly on bikini :( #sadcase

Let the pictures do the talking! ;)

Some intro before the pictures. The following pictures were the night we arrived at Prai. Uncle's family was having a open house to celebrate the good news and to do some wedding customs :)

my mum (left) was laughing so hard! She cant stand it because she and my 2nd aunt were acting cool during cam whore sessions!!

me & the lovely bride ;)
The couple have to wear some pj while doing the customs o_o
btw, u can realize how fat was i during the trip T__T

the family ;)

zen with his new grandpa ;)

look how happy grandma is :')

That's the end of the night ;)

The following day.....THE BIG DAY :3

 the bride woke up so early to get herself pretty and gorgeous :)

not to forget my other aunts too :P

 i'm always the photographer ;( no photo for meeeeeee

when the car horns, this lil boy went down to bring his new daddy to his mum ;)

 some games before allowing the bridegroom to kiss his beautiful bride ;)

 one of these belong to my dad ;P

 pumping for 30times and swallow one mentos each time u pump ;P

 we're so happy once we received the angpau from the bridegroom :D

 dear aunty cried a lil when her husband confessed to her in front of all of us :')

That's the end of the morning wedding session!!
Stay tuned for more updates!
Have a nice day hunniesssss <3