Sunday, January 31, 2010

They Are The Reason Why =)

Okayy! Me gonna blog bout my wonderful school life =D
hell yeah, i got my SQM duty last week. That makes me having tanned skin right now =D

Im the only one who got duty that day =D
the others with uniform, PONTENGGG!

& this is my fei fei chuah :D the skinny hand must be ah mun!

We actually wan to snap a photo whn im jumping in air :P

small eyes family. MY UNCLE =D

xuxu ! cheer up butt! we'll be with you =)

She said she loves this photo =D

again, my chuah chuah =D

duty-ing =D The sun is SOH SOH BIKKKKKKK!

HAHAHAH! miss umbreeee-aalla!

this uncle, kacao-ing! =P

teacher did this almost everyday! HAHAHA

spot yit jiun & the tiny ant =D

me & the camwhore kaki =D

& of cz, my feifei :D

Drawing lines :D

this is whn nini kena black oil XDDD!!

posing everyone =D

why do i looks like mcd here? .__.

seriously its damn hot =D

xuxu & adeline :D

a L-O-V-E

my shoes :DD

see that feifei :S

me & yuqing =D
she's so excited when she gt the chance to do the linings =DD!!

any comment bout this photo? jhen liang ar jhen liang~
small eyes .__.!

yanni, the aussie girl =D!!!


seee! kuik kuik is so so pretty! =D

chuah is too shy :P


& this is EYU EYU~~
spot her hand "imauyou" =D

timer :D

2 days of SQM duty, on wednesday & thursday!
though its kinda tiring & i got sunburnt & etc, but i truly enjoy the moment i spent with my butts! =DD
dark skin to meet my BABY the other day ><
hahahahaha =3

Saturday, January 30, 2010


rawr ! Hellooo my dear butts =D
there's lotsa things me wanna blog bout, but !
The very first thing that come to my mind is,
THE BOYS LIKE GIRLS concert ! or shud i say, A PARTY?

hmmm, its another free concert organized by Nokia =D ( duhhh! i will hardly spend for a chargeable party :X ) In Bkt Kiara Equiestrian Indoor Club~
After school, me xingti kahyee waiting for kahyee's daddy to fetch us to her home~
We cleaned up & had our KFC thr =D
bout 3+, we headed to our destination! though it start at 7pm, *we're aiming for the SUPERB COOOOOOL PHONE!*

Reached there, saw shermaine & another gang of our school mate =) but we dunoo them,
we sit beside sher, & start chatting sana ! just a while, the sky starts to go dark...& sooner, it
RAINS !!!! =( the staff there ask us to find a shelther instead of standing there..they wont let us in before 6pm ! sucky ! we w/o umbrealla lah !
so we hide in a small blue tent =D

inside the blue tent =D

me & chuah =D
we're getting wet inside .__.

& the crowd, with umbrella ._.

after 2+hrs of hiding in the tent, its about 4.30pm, everyone rushing to the gate there to queue up though its just 4 smt ! .__. & dunno why, we following also .__.
standing there till 6,
luckily there's some kind one to share us there umbrella there, but some still.. they selling fish, like very KESIAN to share umbrella.
Xingti said there's a gang of girls, keep on "excuse me & excuse me.." when xingti touches her accidentally. Xingti is wet but she's stil dry, so.. ==?
btw, darling, chap, eugeneG, neo, gizo, alan are on their way here ! =D
evryone run in the gate randomly ! the gate broke down & some left one of their shoes there ! HAHAHAHAHAH
& the following photos are when we're in front of the last entrance to the concert =D

& can u see how are the people react?
pushing each other & blah!
thers one who smoke ._.
baby & his fren is at the middle while me & butt on the right side
we met inside the concert =D

the moment we were inside =D
chinyuen & his friends were walking from segambut to here =(

counting down -)

& i met brian foo =D
& of cz shiwei & her butts lahh!
tak sempat to ambil gambar with her ;P

heh! see who's this ?
hehh! i miss my darling lahh~

finally we met =D'

sharp 7, the party started ! =D
opening by DJs. The girl is pretty cool~
& two local band, each with 5 songs
me dunno them ;(

Guess who nest? *NEXT!*
i love his songs lahh! live super nice TT


thats; for the concert =)))))
most of them went makan,
me xingti kahchuah yuhjiun balik =D
chinyuen too!

me after concert
hair macam LION =D

& D read converse .__.

another incredible night =D
I've a caring yet LOVABLE boyfriend =)
He protect me all da day