Thursday, January 29, 2009


My Friends :-
1. Lao Ti
2. Kahchuahh
3. Lao tine
4. Lao Ken
5. Lao Mei
6. Hannnn
7. Keithhh
8. Pandaaa
9. Edward

1. How do you know 1?
Form1 :P she sits in fnt of meeeeeeeeee

2. What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
will be =DDDD and keep on saying "YESHH YESHH YEHSHH!!" JOM PERGI WET ;P

3. Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
i dhk no? :P

4. Do you think 7 is attrative?
HAHAHAHAHAHA! yeshh yeshh

5. Do you know anything about 8’s family?
think so :) good bud since pri skul!

6. Tell me something about 9.
a super super active boyyy! got lots admireee(S)! ;P and and and a hwatieee?

7. What language does 2 speak?

8. Who is 3 going out with?
Since now CNY, mostly with FAMILY lahh

9. How old is 4?
Is sweeettt 6-teen now :3

10. When was the last time you talked to 5?
last skul dayyyy!

11. Who is 6’s favourite singer?
Mayb me? HAHAHAHA ;X

12. Would you date 7?

13. What is 9’s last name?

14. Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
we adi "lou fu lou cai" ;P

15. What school does 2 goes to?

16. What do you like about 3?

Monday, January 26, 2009


its 25 of Jan
;D having reunion dinner(S) !
one is in da afternoon at my granny's hrs
and the other one is at my uncle's hrs aka rayray's hrs lahhh!
had fun there :D

( granny's hrs dishes :3 )( XD )

(gambling in rayray's room)( the random pic )


and its today! weeeeeeeeeee :P
26 of Jan~~ Da first CNY dayy!
makan breakfast in granny's hrsssss and stay thr 4 a while :)

( today's dressing :) )

gamble gamble gamble! ( P:s// with kids!! ) XD
and went to mummyside granny's hrs :D
and and and later go desa park cityyy yamcha + aunt hrs thr too :P

( i love tis pic lotsss! vv yeng? i snapped it :P )

( bunch of cousinss :D )

( Qing Yi )

( da one i adore most :3 zen! )

( and da nottiest wan :P qing shen )

few hrs later went bak my hrs :D

( random pic in da car with sis & cousin sis, mandy!)

(when playing card games :x [ zen's tryin to see mandy's card ] XD )

(playing "TURTLE" & i always get da JOKER! :( )

( with my lil cousin bro!! :3 )

and about 10pm today,
visit another aunt in Bk. Jelutong :)
gambling with ADULTS :D
n very lucky i won $$$$!
tats for todayy :)

goodnite avone :3

Sunday, January 25, 2009

24.01.09 =)

ytd morning wake up late :D
so so long din sleep so puas d XD
and after having breakfast,
balik hrs n start doing hrs work >< prepare for CNY celebration! :D
and and and
about 2smt i dhk, mr eddie cum my hrs n drop me presents!
THANKS bud :)

( b4 goin :) )

about 6smt ,headed to ONE-U!
we had our "lunch + dinner " at "LAMMEEYA"

(menu ver. :D)
(real want! :D)

da food thr vvv nice although its simple
me n sis sharin but stil damm full :O

after that,
we just shop shop shop~ :D
actually i wanna buy hairband frm forever21 ytd :(
but so so bad lahh
da 1 i wanna buy out of stock :(
but bought one top & one short frm RIPCURL

went pull and bear too :DD
saw one long sleeves!!!
but but but
it cost RM169
sure din buyy lahhh!
so so so expensive
my god

(adik saya :3)

and had webcam with my bud today late night :)
slept at about 3 @@
and woke up at 9 smt today!
goin to visit RAYRAY laterrr! :3

to avone thr! :3

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3 dots

i really cant believe i'm so damm careless or mayb stupid today :(
guess wat?
i dropped my phone into da skul toilet bowl! goshh
whn i was chgin into teee-shirt
da phone in my pinafore fall out frm my pocket lahh wei ><
& i just like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
den quickly picked it out frm it ><
& luckily da colour of da water inside isnt yellowish :S its consider CLEAN!
i feel like goin to wash my hand with Detol tat time :O

btw, my phone isnt functioning at all now =~=
although it din get much water? but why huh?
bacteria prob? @@
very lucky my sim card stil boleh guna! :D
and now i lost all my buds contact lahh..sobbs
and all da msg(s) TT
Hann said tat its a good thing for me?
but really mm seh dak lahh
those msg(s) i mean not all from him :)
some frm others that makes me frekin gandong wan!
but now? gonna say byebyeee ><

and and and,
todayy playing bsb with bunch of monkeys! :D
so damm funny lahh
hann, yunkang, kai jian, xingti, jia rong, and i dhk 2 more unknown :x
really :DD
keep HAHAHAHAH-ing as our prefect, Jia Rong very 2pid in da game
da way he hit da ball :O

and i stayed back til 5 today
to rush up da red hrs notice board decoration :)
its fun doin it actually
at least learn n try smt new? HAHAHAH
tmr penilaian sia, harap it will be okayy! :)

tmr, 1st time duty as a squard pengawass!
wohoooooo :D
and some1 damm nervous now XD

end. <3

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's 20 of Jan

i tot i said tat i was busyy in my lastest post?
but why m i here again?

busyy bussy bussyyyy
really busy
red hrs & scout & clss stuff
will keep on busy after sports day
cause carnival will be coming soon?

but today quite free.. =]
after skul met lisa to buy red hrs notice board decoration stuff & Huanhee came along too =)
& he's walking behind us with his buds .________.
hmmmm ><
on our way back we "dabao" rice and "ice" :P
had "picnic" at da playground in frnt our skul back gate :DDD
so damm funny lahh
about 2smt went tuition @@
its tiring and sleepyy
but better den stay at home doin nothing? :P
at least there's people around me =)

add-maths makes me @@
even maths sometime oso >~<
factorization, gonna make it clearr!

finally i did it, =)
it makes me got no regret..
i wont regret that i've been in da relationship
cause i enjoyed it very much
those feeling will really cant be erased forever
honestly i'm stil in love with him :)
but i dhk i should let it go..
dunno? depands laa


Monday, January 19, 2009



Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy B"dayyy Lao Ken :3


HAPPY Bufdayyy to YOU!!

now its just 10.20pm =)
another 1 and 40 mins to ur sweeettt 16th!
u consider da eldest among us?? ( our gal gang! )
and you are da lenglui-est among us too :P
once again,
HAPPY 16TH bud :)
Love you lots & wish yaa ALL DA BEST!


Monday, January 12, 2009


da 1st scout meeting :)
and also da 1st day we form4 lead those form1 newbie :D

kinda fun as i enjoyed a lot! HAHAHAHA
its tiring but luckily those form1 is under control :)
and at least we din dissapointed our seniors?

gonna start preparing those coming activities @@
btw, get sunburned XD i like da skin tone as it looks healthy? HAHAHAHAH

nothing special tis day..
da whole day doin 4E CLASS jadual waktu :0
i'm da ketua keceriaan :DD
very fun in painting & cutting all da stuffy!
Tis is da hasil ~~ TADAAA!

and at night, went The Curve to have dinner :P
very nicee lahhh :o

and ohh yaa! bought a very cute + superb funny book :P

i cant stop laughing readin it :D

oh yea.. its today :)

hmmmmmm.. He was late today :D hahahah
realised it whn derek told me? thx? XD hmmmm ><

feel uneasy today..
those thing will like flying in my mind again..aiks..

one of my fwen realised tat, and asked me
my tears like.. :(
hmmm.. i tot i'm =D enuf

i tot i'm adi okayy..but why stil like not letting go? dammm
tears wont lie right? sighh
and yea
i just start to menyesuaikan diri in 4E
and very bad, i get to noe i will be changing to 4K tmr :(
a bit mm seh dak since all da teacher teaching are really superb niceee!

MR ELLAN and Pn Marry :x
superb funny
cant stop laughingg in their lesson
& also ppl in tat clss oso superb cacat wan ( siliang! )

how will it be whn i get into K again?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today was just fine
orientation was good
i'm happy and blahblahh
tuition time was oso HAHAHAH-ing thr
but when i back n my parents reach my granny hrs
my good day had ruined
i tried to tell my parents that i've asked xingti help me to register in cekap for only chem sub
but when i just spoke one word,
they start to blame and scold
i adi asked n told u guys but u guys not bothering me at all
not paying attention on me
since u guys so busyy doin ur stuff, den i help to do my own stuff lahh!
arrange all da transport and all da fees adi paid!
i tot it will not make u two so mafan?
and now i'm just informed u guys, not quarelling with u
even i'm adi talked in vv polite way
but why?
it had been years din argue with'em but tis time i cant stand anymore
dun even give me a chance to talk
i just wanna tell u why i did tat and why cant u guys just listen to me 1st?
b4 u start scolding!

dun care

3rd day schooling, late for 2 days.

Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day Schoolin 2009 :D

nice starting since tdy i late for skul? HAHAHAHAH
Thanks mummy for makin today such a memorable one :P
LATE for da 1st day :o

hmmmmm.. AH ONG talked a lot :x
and i 'm vv ZzZz tat no enuf sleep ytd night :(
Luckily thres quite mny prefect cum n talk with me? XD
nehhh, miss HAN arrr :P and junyao oso :)

errrr, blahhblahh..
da time to noe which class will i get into *nervous*
i wish tat i can get into K class since all my class kaki thr?
but.. haihhhh
E class lahhh! but luckily xingti and derek are there too :D
feel weird O.O
people around me sudah difff la wei :o
can see siliang in my classs! FUIYOHHH
da funny + cute wan :D
and vv "lucky" i hv been chosen to be da ketua keceriaan =~=

our form teacher -> Goh Sing2 :x
pretty sia but useless? :x people said tat ><
she's my bio teacher XD

staying in E class is okayy but not GREAT
HAHAHAHHA.. but nvm luu
luckily i noe most of them :D
try to join in them?

with present and cookies frm HAN :D
and lao ti =)


Friday, January 2, 2009


" Yeng laa wei!"
tis will be how ppl react when u c her :)
tell u guys a secret..
actually she IS NOT cool at alll!!!


she's CUTEEEE! :D
shhhhhhhh.. dun tell her i told u :P

anyway, just here to wish my new Bud

Thursday, January 1, 2009

1.1.09 =)

fuiyohhhh-h! adi twoo-OO-nine laa wei :x
consider a new life? XD

today went aunty's new hrs which locates at Desa Park City - Zenia =)
very nice place as da environment around vvvv GOOD! peaceeful and got loads of greeeen too!
whn we reached thr, cousins were adi swimming in da swimming pool ;x
after me n sis changed into swimsuit, we join them too! :D
byk fun laahh HAHAHAHAHAH
and thrs loads of caterpillars in da pool O.O
swimmed about 3hrs+ i dhk ;x
keep on stayin in da pool XD

and at night :)
had my dinner in metro prima =)
makan bubur~~
and i went to da pet shop >-<
&&&.. I found a super super super superrr CUTEEEE puppppyyyy! ;3
stizu mix with beijing XD
blady cuteeee! its just about 1month
i wanna bring it home lahhh