Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 23

It's my final exam week! Have been really busy preparing for my papers.. Finally done with 4 subjects for this week, and leave another one more subject next week.

After my paper today, I went to meet up with BonZi and had lunch with her at the coffee club at subang parade. Bob joined us in the middle. She left us after our lunch and me & BonZi spent the whole day together doing funneh stuff. Had our dinner at some random Japanese restaurant at SS15. 

Around 11pm after BonZi session, I drive to meet gene at desa park. He was with Juni and ken doing their work. Very happy to see baby being so productive everyday. Proud of you! We went for supper after that because he was hungry :) he was telling me his whole day story and I did the same thing too :) 

After I done my shower, I lay on the couch and scroll my camera album. Saw some of my baby gurl's photo and they made me tears so much. Can't believe I did not see her and touch her for almost a month :'( still very sad about her death... Miss her so so much. How I miss the days when she waited me to come home everyday and sleep together. She is so cute and always so adorable in my eyes <3 I hope that I'm able to dream of her today.