Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We spend most of our time together
We share almost everything in our life
We did so many things together
We made so many memories

so random =x
appreciate everything around u
dun miss it !
Rawrr ♥

Monday, June 29, 2009


BOY came forward, asking Girl
" do u wanna join us to play basketball ? =) "

Girl stunned, she dunno BOY will come forward,
somemore talk to her O.O
" errr..heh, dun wan le "
" u staying back til wat time huh? "

Boy smiling, saying
" until me finish playing lu :D "

" ohh :D okayy, byebyee! =P "

" byebyeee :D "

da scene

Saturday, June 27, 2009


heading off to wedding party
will be boring, i dhk?

b4 i off let me intro u my hubby


my man

Friday, June 26, 2009


First of all,
HAPPY B'DAY to those hu b'day tdy!

  • my dearest granny! =3
  • my bestie lalat kenyi
  • my bestie shumeeeennn
  • my buddy chooi cheee
  • my friend yoke yen
so darn a lots ppl bufday today :D

my dear granny!

she's da one hu take care of me whn i was a baby
she's da one hu make me meal everyday
she's da one hu giving me lots of loves and cares!
I Love her
HAPPY B'DAY granny!

stay healthy & happy

Lalat Ken1
hahahahah :D
he's my vvv good boy friend!

he's the one hu i can really tell him all my secret

and share the happiness & sadness

He's a very good boy =D

Happy Sweet 7-teen bud !

wishing u all da best

tis sopo tdy duno cry le how mny times le
sao xing lui cant cry wan ohh =P

i dhk she's vv happy tdy get to take picha with her sweetheart =)
HAPPY 6-teen darling!


all da best in everything

cheer up! mwahxxs!

another birthday girl =D
chooi chee,
i was so O.O whn she said that she read all my post XD
i'm not vv closed with u eh cheee,
hope we can be good friend soon!
hapy 6teen!

Happy b'day !

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Next Chapter

busy deliver those roses =D

grab this frm kuz's bloggie =D

this is just so funny + so KYUTEEE!
gahahah, no neednt to be paisehh lah :P

to our beloved miss lim :D

went back class,
camwhoring =O
shermaine keith they there~! XDD
so funny lah

orangni byk comel =D

me n meowww :P
she was scolding me for vandelisme


&& after skul,
went to get more flower since we got no enuf roses!
with tine n xingti by taxi =)
just super fun being tgther with them
make my mood turned positive
was so freaking emo
was wondering wat da hell is he dhking
ehem, reach thr
choosee & order roses
suppose goin tuition but so darn lazy
3 of us walked back to my granny;s hrs and lied on da cool floor
sleep ;x

awwww, after skul went xingti;s hrs again
same objective,
ishhh, start to hate roses

we did those thingy til night
was so tired and so so so HUNGRY
1300131300 MCD!

Mood been bothered,
i'm so sad
cry in front of Lao Han
being an idiot for half day
at night,
Im getting okay

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


AWWWW, its carnival day da next day
went xingti's hrs overnight with a bunch of monkeys! =D
many of my friends came to help us too!
credits to *xingti* *kenke* *tine* *yanni* *yongsheng* *braaaa* *ngau* *yenhao* !
thanks fer helping me, i appreciate!
& the most thankful one, JOON LIM!
i cant imagine how will it be if we got no him :D
kakax, thanks!

and yes, we do flower thingy for more than 3hrs i dhk!
goshhh, dam tiring..but we talked a lot! =D

after finishing da flower thingy, we start doin banner things =O
luckily gt supper from seniors =)
after that, around 3++am
we started cooking, frying!

guess wat? we tot its vv quick and fast job but its totally WRONG!
it takes lot time =(
and hence, we din sleep for the whole day!
me breaking own record, sleep for only 3 hrs in 48hrs!
2days man!

FIRST, gonna wish someone HAPPY 7-teen,
hehhh, a quite important ppl to me =) btw, very sorry i cant make u ur present on tat day,
was too busy for da carnival work!
& promise, will gif it to u soon =)
HAPPY B'day keith !

rmb to drive me out whn u got ur car XD

back to da topic,
hell yea! its carnival day
go skul by joonlim's van with all da food and stuffy in da early morning!
start setting up and blahhh..

the food stall
and the,
rose + balloon stall =D
our stall was so damm quiet at the beginning,
get me worried so darn much, but luckily!
after some time, ther's crowd and sooner,

sorry for the late info,
our hot selling!

d j'nese octopus & fried sotong~! *mouth-watering*

popular punya sai mun pun mari bong chan sia XDD
its my own photo sessions XDDD

this is mr bou, my crapping kaki! :D

eugneee! ♥♥

d b;day boy & munmun ♥♥

about 1+,
carnival pun dah habis! WHOOOOO
i done my job? mou lahh!
hehhh, and tis time, juniors goona go zap lap sap!
cleaning up da skul compound =)
see! SCOUTS are so "wei da" :P

At night,
my hrs having steambout party,
celebrating father's day!
cheng's family came too =)

today din sleep late :(
gonna pray my grand-daddy =D
i miss him so dam much!
and afternoon,
my kakis came visit my hrs
play? NAHHH!
camme n do works =(
ROSES again,,

credits to *xingti* *kenke* *yanni* *lisa* *yongsheng*
thanks fer coming to help at noon,
at night, arnd 7+,
kuikkuik n chuah came too!
ah kuik help in wrapping those big big flower XD

ohh yah!
mr eddie!!! THANKS
really =) he helped me to buy ribbons
hehhh, arikato
kahchuah & xingti stay overnight =3!

after finish wrapping,
we found tat we're too free..

& third!~ XDD

temporarily for today,
its quite late and feeling so sad cz i cant finish my bloggie today =(