Saturday, January 24, 2015

(Last) T W E N T Y O N E


Junnie's 21st 

HongShen's 21st

Bryan's Farewell @ DongMen

Gunfire @ Scott Garden... (I"M KIDDDINGGG)
It's due to the air pressure when i entered to the parking, how unlucky :( Thank god my baby boy came for rescue!

It's our 5 years 
Really appreciate what my darling did for me T_T so so loved!

Malacca Trip with my love! ♡ 
It was really nice :D finally get to try the famous 摇头面 @ 明昌茶餐店
Highly recommended!!

after 4 years of being Taylorians, a foundation newbie brought me here! hahahaha my sister!

 Cousie's 20th Birthday!

Linda & Lekiyo's birthday celebration :D

Mercedez Fashion Week

Halloween 2014

Hectic month for our final year project!!

Sab Sab 21st

All tense up for our final year exam! :D

Yan-Y birthday!

 Aunty Irene's Birthday :D

Darling's 22nd ♡♡♡♡

Nepal 2014