Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Progress? Me likey

This is 14 Dec Monday :D

like usual, woke up & fly to school *im not flying of cuz .___.
did scout camping campfire preparation again =D with bunch of butts!
HHAHAHAHA xingti lisa lingling :)
really got fun =D

i do help! ;D
& this photo reminds joee that she have to diet already x__x

lisa lisa =DDD

this is the best section =D
skipping rope for 3otimes & did lotsa stupid stuffs! =D
run a round with lisa & im blady tired now .__.v
she helped me to gam fei ! HAHAHAHA

met the boyflend after his BC paper ! YAY! last paper for him =DDDDD
me dried pan mee & him, still his fav yee mee! =D i taste ma lat soup too ~ i wanna get used to the spicy taste !! *roarrr
It rains heavily on the way to xingti's hrs =D
we're all wet, 4 of us ! its like those, even my underwear got wet !
the BF refused to get into the hrs & run away, me with umbrealla seeking for the prince !
HOHOHOHOHOHO, the scence is just so funny =) & me likey!
mmmmm, got a letter from him :) LOVE HIM LAHH
he's goin to Macao so soon, will miss him truck lots!

today is just so memorable, too special :)

btw, scout blog will be updated tmr :)
stay tuned =D

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