Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just a thought


i usually prefer to escape myself when im in trouble if it has not come to an end.
i will only try my best to get rid of it when i meet dead ends,
so wrong ._.
so now there's another sayings.
to stay with it :O

Sunday, June 27, 2010

coolness ._.

i finally know what is the meaning of BITCH until i met u :O i thought you werent so bad until you did so much things to my friend :O jelousy kills..you prefer to make rumours and did so much that made him feel so sucky and bad. you’re so sensitive in things he posted up, and it shows your stupidity when you reply the post. .__.

women are actually super scary sometimes, i thought ive met a lot. but im wrong! those who i met are still in average power status but you, already at the highest, your majesty.

ALL THE BEST TO MY BUDDY ;) i hope he will not being tortured again x_x

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food Hunt Tour 2 !! :D

Well, im happy to join this event :D It's the food hunt ! wheeeee, thanks joey lee for telling us bout this event. We guys had fun though only one group from us got prize :))

we were all gathering at the kepong atm at 930am :)
and guess wad? we saw so mny sec school youngster too! & yes, they were joining the event :/
it seems to be like a inter-school competition hmm? :D

the shoes :)
i know its kinda lame but,
me very love the red one ;(

reached our destination by ktm, the train was so damn pack ! ekkk!
met our new marshal instead of joey :) at first i was thinking tat she's not bad, but after those games..not really :S
we got our greenie tee & changed & start our game :D
oh yaa! forget to mention this, im in the same group with yanni kenke & thong :D:D

fatty took this when he saw us :D
i know im looking fugly here ._.

u see this fatty?
he's disturbing me while i was thinking & solving the clue :D
okay, another ugly photo TT

this is cik ngooi when she's doing food hunting :D:D
we're in diff group :)

one in our eating list :D
mua chi ! tat time i cant taste anytime :(
we're in a rush!!


after bout 2hrs, we finally reach our end point & were given food to rest!
super tired .__.
& me looking thin here!!! HAHAHAHA

& this will be our food.
its nice actually but we're not in the mood to eat anymore,
hence, it looks so sucky to us ._.





this is the game where i did poses acc to the fruit name given,
without talking :))
and my group member guess what's the fruit will be :D:D
rmb guys? bout the papaya & banana ._. XD

memory card.
kenke & yanni superb pro :D

the big crowd :D

with the very lame marsal :O
she's okay at first but so not good in the middle &... boring!

joey suppose to be our marsal at first! :))
we love u joey!

fatt's team is the only team who win btw us!!
rawr..they got the 3rd in senior group :DD

this is after everything :))

with feifei :))

this is fatty :D
who lend me his camera all the long after food hunt :DD
thank you so much!

along the way to the ktm station, we saw these tv3 crew :D
and me like keep shouting & doing smt stupid to attract them :D
and lastly the black man ask me
"nak dalam tv ke?"
"tv3 ada apa show?"
some one answer "football!!!"
"mana ada football?!"
"berita!!!" by me
=_= the whole world know its actually seven & thong got it right :D:D
and she'll be on tv!!!! :D:D

actually im kinda artistic at times :P

three of us and xingti decided to go midvalley to continue our food hunting :P


the lessbo :O

fei's bro :D






the nxt station :D

hahaha we're sharing lah :D


the food hunt :)


this is wad had happened to me :(
im fine here thanks god!!



Monday, June 21, 2010

im effing high with the 7-0 results!


so sorry to say tat this isnt bout food hunt :D:D
but, im efffffffffffing high with the match XD
portugal vs north korea ! ohgosh
blady results with the winning of portogal in 7 - 0
update more nxt time
kaka wanna use le :))

volleyball =D

Sunday, June 20, 2010



im bussy with my addmaths project!
Food hunt will be my next post :))

This will be a busy week with doze of sports competition!
bless me :)))

So hot on Oh Jung Kyu XD !!

oh jung kyu :D:D

Well, who gives a damn bout that he's not an artist or such? Who has a good looking surely has a bussiness/ a first class ticket to enter this blog! Let me intro to you people, this cute thing is OH JUNG KYU!!!! i found him tru tumblr :D:D:D:D i just dunno why this fella attracted me, maybe bcz of he's a very lovely boyf?

so cute couple

ALMOST EVERY post of his in tumblr relates to his gf :))) so so sweet of him! :D
Oh yaa~! He's a korean and he's also modeling for a Korean brand named Reborn-i. Frankly, I’m surprised that he isn’t doing more stuff than that. With that pretty face of his, he should be in dramas! I'd watch it for sure !!

Check out Reborn-i’s website HERE, where you can find more pictures of him :))

i simply love the way he dress up himself :D

but still, my boyfriend cuter in everyway :D
loveeee :))

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Serbia vs Germany in 1:0 :D

AHA! you must be wondering why this joee write bout football this time, its like not related to me at all? aiyaa..since its now FIFA, ive gonna be more updated :D
& hence, due to my uncle & my uncle, we watch this match ytd night and scream out loud togther!!!! This match, to my surprise is not boring at all ! :D

serbia vs germany match2
its kinda hurtful when this kind of burly man bang into each other :O
granny said :" i just dont understand why the boys like to run around the damn big field just to snatch the ball. "

i feel kinda kesian for klose :S
at first he got only a yellow card, but after few arguements with tat refree or wadwad name fella.....

serbia vs germany match5
he got himself a damn red card, poor thing :x
fyi, i dunno the laws in football ._.

serbia vs germany match4
i asked my uncle " who's this fella? "
*bcz he's kinda handsome looking from far
my uncle stares at me and say : " couch lahh! i hate watching tv with u lah, keep on asking me questions! "
sorry lu :(((((( i dunno mah!

serbia vs germany match
a member in serbia got a handball accidentally and here gives out the advantage for the germany to have a free kick ( fyi again, i dunno the correct phrase or words for football :O )
but he's kinda stupid, he kick the ball out with the wrong place in his foot ! grrrrr

serbia vs germany match6
serbia vs germany match7
serbia vs germany match11
serbia vs germany match8
GOAL !!!!!!!
this shoot is just freeeegiiing cool :D:D:D:D
at first someone from serbia kick the ball & another tall serbia human being head the ball and pass to this fella ! wohooo! teamwork :D:D:D

serbia vs germany match9

germany vs serbia results

kahchuah, ur love lose d lahh! :O

so now im part of the trend !!! wuhoo :D
but still, im not addicted yet..
most of the match like so so only !
* i love the team bcz of its colour :D greeeeeen*