Monday, October 29, 2012

Well Spent Sunday

Hola people!
I'm so happy today because my Sunday was well-spend with my loves one!
Early in the morning...Erhem.. I mean late morning around 11am+ , I had breakie with my parents at a nearby hawker stall :D 
After that, we went Desa Park City for ice-cream with my darling Ee Ee! I swear I'm gonna bring my Sporty to Desa Park one day! At least make him get used to strangers and not poop everywhere first :P

Flavor of the day :)

Cutest creature in the whole wide world, I'm so glad that we met :))

Me and sister decided to have a swim at my aunty's house. So we drive all the way to Sg Buloh. It was raining but we thought that it wont be long...However, it rain quite heavily around 3-5pm.... Ended up not swimming but playing with le cutie baby cousin sister!

 We call her saliva queen :P 
Look at her, so so adorable!!!!

I would be a happy baby if i had these when i was a baby!

Around 5, went home and get prepared for good food!! We had our dinner at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Buffet is always tempting isn't it :3

Put on light make-up.
Love my mum's bobbi brown coral color lipstick!

Good stuff to share, the lip treatment is really good!
It prevents your lips from being dry when applying lipsticks!
Gonna get one for myself instead of using my mum's everytime :D

We are always daddy's lil princess <3 :=":" p="p">

my beautiful sister :3

Freshness overload

Can never get enough of their smoked salmon, so YUMMMS!
I made myself a sandwich with it

Juicy-licious steaks

Carbonara Farfalle, with lotsa CHEESE

my gorgeous sister!
why are you so pretty!! WHY ARE WE SO DIFFERENT :((((

End this post with my favorite picture :)

Til then,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I was preparing for my tomorrow presentation with half of my eyes closed *_* Too tired... Iphone up to save me from boredom. So when i scrolled my picture folder, i saw this...

We went KL & plan to do some shopping that day :) But in the end rushing back after visiting only one store! When can we gooo shopping again?

Cant wait!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

some candy pls?

I've already done my part & I tried my best.
I do not ask for more but at least i hope you're able to give me the basic ones.

Monday, October 22, 2012

sooo BZY

It is always like that. When i'm too busy and have no much leisure time, i will start to realize all the pretty little matter around me. As an example, the scenery outside my house, so perfect. All green because trees are everywhere!

The reason why i can reach home this early today (4pm) is because there is no practice for performing arts!! HAHAHAH The latest performance was quite important! Sorta some audition for COMM fest, some event done by the comm school.

Again, i have no group pic with my dear group mates! But i'm so glad that i was assigned to the same group as Olivia! At least someone who i familiar with :P Too bad bonnie was not with me!

Look how much we did for the performance! Props..make up..& etc!

So yesterday i came across to this website through churp churp..

Interesting no? It's like you just need to do something simple and can already stand a chance to win away some CASH & PRIZES!

What i did is just...

First, choose one of the aspirations which is artisan :P Since i do quite a lot of "artistic stuff" lately! Thanks to Ms Natasha :P

Second, upload a photo that best reflects my choice!
Third, caption with max 10 words & hashtag #nescafeonthelife

TADA, that's all you need to do!

& the next day i saw my photo on the official page already! WOHOOO! blessed me with luck, i wanna win this money away!

If you're interested, click *here* !

October will be a hectic month with all the presentations and course work! #goodlife

Til then,

Friday, October 5, 2012


sometimes i just don't understand why people act in certain ways that seems too weird for me..
I should really stop gossiping.. no good no good

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Good Life

You know what guys? I feel extremely good lately because my everyday is just too fruitful and pack! & I LOVE IT! wohoo! Lately I'm kinda busy with my course works and my part time job as a nurse & blogshop owner! HUHUHU some people may think that I'm really crazy to get so many jobs but seriously, it makes me feel so good everyday. It's like i do not waste my precious time doing nothing..

I'm currently working on my first Performing Art Assignment with other 5 awesome human :P I'm really so grateful to have Ms Natasha as our subject lecturer because the way she conduct the class is just way to awesome! We will never get bored in her class. & also she made most of us got closer with all the tasks she gave us!

This is the friday class gang :)
Alex is the thorn among the roses

Btw, my baby has already working as an intern for the past one month! Hardly to see him everyday but feel so loved when he made effort just to let me to see him.. HEEEE    

my baby boo so cutee when he smiles :D
I'll be so happy everytime i see this picture of him   

Too many to note down, my bali & my singapore trips!

Til then,