Sunday, December 6, 2009

Redy Holidays :D

Friday 4th of December
Hell yeah, im finally out of the cage =D wheeeee! Midvalley with both my best budds, kahyee & xingti Heh, i reached xingti's hrs bout 8am. Yeah, its freak early but no doubt! AHA.. mummy gonna go work :D Kahchuah & I & xingti had fun in her room, laugh out loud when we changed our outfit ! HAHAHA teasing each other~! it had be so long 3 of us hang out together :)
bout 11am, the good mama * xingti's mama* fetch us there :D

reach there camwhore a lil in the toilet =D

kahchuah's hungry =D so we headed to Carl's Jr to have our burger meal
=DD yum yum~


me stil full . had pan mee in the morning~
but i got me self chicken salad =DD

my girls :D
love them much!

love this one though me ugly x__x
heh! xingti is cutee!!!


went to my fav shop, Topshop. fashion show inside with my butts!

love this tee!
comfy & nice~
the price is even nicer T&T


me & chuahchuah :DD

Zara, :D
she looks like maid :O

omg. NEW MOON after zara :P

they got very very good body x__X

who wants hug hug? :D

after movie, toilet for sure :D

rush to topshop, get my darling his present :)

ps;// i met melody! =D &&&&&&& i still prefer a vampire boyfriend than a werewolf. though both of them real hot ! :O edwardcullen!!!!!

Saturday 5th of December
oh gosh, i'm so happy today! :D this day can be concluded as my family day! wheee =D
morning, i felt dizzy & tired due to the late sleep on friday. And this made me cant turn up to the scout meeting today. sorry butts :*( & got lisa msg " i cant make it tdy. im not feeling well " aww. she's sick!
mummy wake us up tdy. after breakfast, mummy drive us to aunt siew's new hrs :D
help her to clean the hrs etcetc! the environment is good there =D swim in the big pool at noon with cousins! the water is COLD until zen's lip turns purple O___O skinny-people weaker ! ;P

zen with the new sofa :D
i love the sofa!

at night, went to daddy' fren's open hrs =D uncle hee-man's daughter marry the next day. Kaima's family along too! Laughing like maniac.. hahahah! the conversation between kaima's hubby & daddy is real cacat! HAHAHAHA everyone had good mood!
after the party, kaima's hubby aka my "yi zhang" suggested to go genting! =D since its near from setapak! me & sister cant stop screaming behind =D but actually we knew they're just kidding :(
but who knows? miracles happened ! =DDDDDDDDD we're heading there with sleevesless top!
Me, kaka * muah sis with dress & mama with singlet O.O! HAHAHAHA

sister & meee :)

santa babe~ :D

my parents :D

hot mama :P

kaima's family =D

the air there is real cool, cool & COLD ._______. xingti's there too! but we din meet :D
& the deco
x'mas is coming! love it so so much =D
reach hrs bout 1++am, darling's still with me via text

conclusion : I'm so so so so so so so HAPPY today! family day is always good for me! =D

Sunday 6th of December
woots! after breakfast, mummy & daddy bring us here.

yeah it is. A building named SSF near my hrs area.
Me & sis refused to get out of the car at first, daddy mummy forced. :D
when we stepped in, we were so impressed ! with the art, deco inside. so blady nice!

i personally love the chicken series plate :D
so cutee! :D

the cafe.
LOVE it a lot & a lot!

sister :D

for those who seek for hrs deco & furniture. you shud really go there!
Here's the link. SSF house Deco
much more nicer than Ikea i tell you!

TMR, a very important day :DDDDDDD
hope everything goes fine xP