Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in the blink of an eye

It is a brand new year again which also means, it is time for me to reminisce moments in 2013.

Welcomed 2013 with my dearie sis, bf & friends :)

Outing with beloved cousiee & had lotsa laughters :D

Cheap TGIF's lunch with my bonzi :P

William Uncle's Bday dinner ;)

It's CNY!

The valentine's 

Mummy's birthday :) bought her roses in the morning and arranged them in a vase

Traveled to Kyoto & Osaka, Japan w/ familia :)

 Met up with Mr Lim, my beloved Chemistry tutor :)

Went to grandpa's grave with familia :)

20th birthday ;)
Pre-celebration with my bonzi ♡ 

Xingti & KahChuah & Junnie planned a surprise for me :) Although it didnt went well but i appreciate you guys so much ♡ 

Amazing decoration by my beloved sister & bf ♡ 

Celebrate my birthday with my booooo @ KLCC xx ♡  missing you dearly

Dinner with my family & bf @ La Bodega, Bangsar, thank you ♡ 


Had buffet with my love @ Mandarin Oriental Hotel, thanks mama for the voucher ♡ 

Ken's Birthday ;)

Met up with my tuition buddy!! Honey honey :D

Me & Lia babe's first time donating bloood :P

Had fun in Oli's hostel :)

KTV with college buddies ;)

Funny dinner date!

KahChuah's 20th ♡ ♡ 

Had a chance to be in 17 Magazine, thanks to Karina :))


Baby's hardwork ♡ 

Bonzi's 20th ♡ ♡ 

Dating with Jaemie :)

Tioman Island with Uni buddies ;D

Solaris drinking with buddies ♡ 

Spontaneous dinner at Uncle Jang w/ Linda & Oli :D


French Play - Comedy PeterPan by us in french, imagine how hilarious it will be ;P

Youngest baby cousin had her 1st birthday ♡ 

Korean Food Dinner w/ buddies ♡ 

Outing w/ Bonzi :D

Yummy teriyaki with my baby boy ♡ ♡ 

Bryan & Daniel's Birthday Party

Being very hardcore for PR assignment D:

Published in 17 Magazine ;)

Granny's Birthday ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Had my first Henna Art :D

Satisfied with our PR Presentation!


Attend baby's convocation :) Thanks ah ken for picking me up!

Me & sis had dengue T^T

 IWC Dinner ;)

Baby sister's Birthday ♡ 

Celebrated with family at TGIF & Watami with me & gene :)
This day is also Euny's birthday  such a coincident :P

Cousie Rachel & Granny's mum birthday celebration :)
Went to club with cousies st8 after the celebration, it was epic ;P

Xingti's birthday eating vegetarian HAHAHA! 

 Mandarin Oriental Teatime date with bonzi 

Ramadhan Market with Oli XD

Ikea lunch date with Zhuo Xuin :D really glad to meet up with this boy after so long ;)


Rayna's farewell lunch before she fly to US for her studies ;')

Rayna's flyday ;"( I'm super glad that she is doing fine in US now.

Malacca Trip with fun fun people ;)

A&W day with boooo after supporting his lecturer performance ;)

 Paddington date with Xingti & Chuhan before Chuhan fly ;"(

 Sprained my ankle for the first time :/

Bonzi flyday ;'((

Singapore Trip with my baby,  ♡ 
Highlight of the month ;") Really enjoyed a lot spending with my love one 24/7.


Junnie's 20th surprise ;))

Hui Ying's 21st Birthday ;)

FRIM Day with the bunch :)) 

Oli's belated birthday lunch ;)

JiaYao's farewell ;")

My darling's flyday, & also junnie's, jiayao's, hongsheng's & fatty's flyday ;((
I'm so sorry that i had no time for my friends because i was busy crying for my boyfriend ;( it was really hard to say goodbye and not seeing your love one for so long. But I'm really glad we are doing very very well still 

Jeremy's 21st Birthday ;)

Took part in SCMKL with Xingti & Liang Liang :D

Received my darling's surprise on our 4th Anniversary ♡ ;") feel so much love


Halloween Party with Uni mates ;)

Made my first webpage design for assignment purpose ;)

 This was also hardcore study month & assignment month ;< But honestly i had fun being so contended everyday ;)

Ben's birthday at Garage 51 & realize they only serve beverages and dessert during that time ;< sad ben!

WengLeng's Steamboat Birthday Celebration at his house :D


Alia babe's birthday ;D

 Urbanscape'13 with HuiYing & Oli & Amanda ;)
Too bad Two Door Cinema Club couldn't turn up ;<

 Photo shooting with two of my dear friends for assignment purpose ;P

Zannie's Birthday @ Uncle Jang ;)

Sabah Trip :) Thanks to Oli! ♡ I had fun!


Keat Keat's 20th Birthday @ Subak :))

Baby boy's 21st Birthday, so different this year because we are having LDR. Glad that he likes his birthday gift hehehe!

Oasis Square with Lia Babe & Oli after our last paper!! HURRAY~

Tangkachi Night with uni mates! Soooo goood (Y)

Christmas Party with high school buddies ;)

Malacca Trip with high school buddies ;D

Daddy's Birthday on Christmas 

 Family Trip to Koh Samui 
Thailand, as always, very happening. Especially Chaweng in Koh Samui, such a party place for youngsters! Definitely will come back! Anyway, it was really nice spending time with family (:

That's the end of 2013. It definitely had it ups and downs, but i treasure them all. I've lost some of my close friends but also i've made some new ones :) & also, it is the first time for me to experience long distance relationship with my baby boo! But very glad that we are still doing really well ♡ Cant wait to be better and stronger in 2014! Cheers to a good good year everyone!