Friday, November 26, 2010

oh my love

Muai lover boy :)
We meet almost everyday :) thanks god that he owns a car.
He would fetch me after school and bring me for lunch, he would know how i feel without me telling him a single word, he would embrace me with happiness & love.
Im happy with my life now, though there's some bastard out there too ;)
who will cares bout them? no one!

tumblr oh tumblr,
i really recommend you people there to sign up and join tumblr lah!
I improve my way in expressing my feelings and my taste in fashion~
gain creativity thru the site & so much more!!
*wad i need to do is earn money to get all the pretty clothes!!!!*
but now...SPM la dei ;)


7 more to go!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


虽然我不喜欢校规的束缚,不喜欢 'ngam cam' 的校长,不喜欢无礼的老师,讨厌学校的拉拉,讨厌七早八早起来,讨厌乏闷的 POL,讨厌addmaths, 可是比起讨厌,我对这五年来的喜欢更多。

我们班很幸运,班导是 Firdaus,班长是 MengHern。老师多数都是好的,当然是除了 ‘黑猩猩’。

虽然我们班是第一班,看起来好像很厉害读书酱,尤其是那些Kai Yan & JeenVern等。不认识她们真的不懂她们有几废,有几无聊。虽然不是跟每一个同学都熟,可是我至少都和3/4的班友感情不错下。想一下以后不能听到Dylan的吵杂声,不能像以前全部人一起zat Goh Edric。。好像真的会很怀念。

我个人呢,最不习惯的将会是每天不能见到老Tine咯!那个女人每天在弄我笑,都是她在跟我闹!那个XingTi也是,以后可能不能每天躺她,不能欺负她了 :*( YanNi,没有一个人的表情可以好像她酱丰富,光看她的样子你都可以笑爆!KenKe,在我们当中的乖女孩,她每天准时完整功课,上课时听课,但是一起gossip绝少不了她 XD A Mei呢,这个真的超猛!记得以前你的学校三步曲 :睡觉,照镜子,上厕所!但是她的成绩一直都是很好的!她也很好笑,我真的很喜欢她~

“肥到死” = firdaus :D
最好的班导啦!我的kelakuan在sijil perhentian sekolah才拿memuaskan =.=
谢谢他咯,把我的等级变baik =D
说起来,我们也满熟的 XD

小学到现在的好朋友,臭老TINE! =D

我的超级好朋友!XingTi :D

最容易被误会的人,Yanni :D
她什么都放在心里的,她很懒得解释 xD

陈可可!!我喜欢她水水的肉 XD
更喜欢她这个人 =)

A Mei !! :D:D
我的好朋友 ;) 她真的很可爱的!since 你这么努力,希望你拿 full As 啦“妹妹”!

thong thong!! 今年受伤的朋友,受伤的理由更好笑!哈哈 XD




God bless us :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Oh Yeah, Great Day

WHEEE WHEEEEE!! guess wad? it has been more than a month that i've not been in the shopping mall D: gosh, so pity right? anyway, im so happy when i got call from mummy... :P

"girl, aunty sham will come and pick both of u up to KL for lunch at about 2 ar"
"omg YAY YAY YAY!!"

SO, i quickly go and tidy up myself, thinking so hard on wat to dress up ._.
i dunno why i cant find any better outfit in my own closet but yeah, almost top to d bottom from my mum's closet !! =D

so this is how i dress up ytd ._.
love the black cartigen so much ! and the necklace which i bought from chicpop street at taman tun that day with mandy :))
ps:// ignore the stupid face

me and sister waiting waiting & waiting & finally !! they came :D
aunty sham, zen and grandma were in the car :D

this cute ass has the same pencil case as me :D

and yea, we've been stuck in the traffic for an hour i think, FML to the max!
i got eyesore somemore, feeling dizzy in the car ._.
baby is actually there already, & im so eager to see him :D:D
he told me that he saw watermelon shoes at sg wang!! HAHAHAHA so cute of him :))
& he told me too, Uniqlo has damn long queue TT almost 4000 human beings waiting and lining just to enter the shop! gosh!

& heere is it :D
just the signboard of the shop D:

& this is the supperrrr long queue!! :D:D:D
this is just small part of it, so many ppl is waiting and lining in the shopping mall D:
& hence, im not going to line up and enter it ._.

I went shook with my family, and waiting for baby's call inside :D
he's going to bring me for the shoes! frigging xcited :D
aunties and grandma are so excited to see him too !! HAHAHA i bet he must be mad nervous :P
while waiting.. ;)

photo moment for sure :D
this is my superb pretty aunt with her daughter :D

the coolest aunt :D
aunty sham !

my very "IN" granny with the sister!

OHHH, its baby;s call :D:D
we met in front of Fahrenheit 88 =D so happy to see him!
kononnya the watermelon shoes he said is not the one i want so badly, but still THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR!! you;re frigging cutee :3
we shop a lil at sg wang, searching for the shops that one of my senior told me that selling the vans watermelon shoes, but too bad, cant find it ._.

taken by Alan on the way back to my mum :D
he wasnt ready to meet my family but he has to :P
anyway, it turn out VERY VERY GOOD =D
hahaha, my family likes him a lot especially my kaima & my grandma :P
he's so nervous when he talked to them :p

@shook :)

after lunch, we back to pavillion and shop with the aunties :)
baby went to the queue, and very lucky he just queue for bout half an hour!
& he bought me a tee :D:D
love love it ! :D
he came to me & gave me the tee and he went back luuu~
i went home at bout 9pm++ that night, frigging tired but soh fun lah =D

this is the one :D i love the logoooooooo :P
thanks baby!

what a good day :DD

thanks daddy for lending me his camera :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Halloween Night - SQM 2010

Oh yeah! it was the Halloween Night =D & we had a gathering, too bad it was not costume-make-up party but just a ordinary gathering @ MOMO PARADISE with the SQMs =D
Free dinner to repay our hardwork :D

the ladies & gent :D

kahchuah moi xuxu ! =D

my ngooi xing ti :D

the first time i saw xuxu so lady TT :D

lao munn munn :D:D

ace :)

what can we do when girls are all around?
camwhore for sure lahh =D

chuah chuah :D:D

thanks for the cute stone =D
everyone is so happy!

miss ice-cream can nvr get rid of ice-cream :P

& we met lao hann there too :D
i miss you la buddy!!

meng wei & kah chuah :D rockaarr huh? :P

chuah mengwai moi :D
i love my skinny with my shoes! too bad i got no long legs :(

the men :)

d camwhore kaki :D:D
credits to her for the pretty photos :)

IM gonna end this post with the photo i love the most!!! =D
omg i love the butts :)))

im gonna miss the days as the sqm so much :)
skip classes, tidy up the field for sports events, laughing, camwhoring, fooling around with friends =)
SQM brought me a lot of high school memories :D thanks thanks thanks!!

study time :)