Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oppsyy :P

15th Dec 09 Tuesday
HOHOHO, today very very..err, funny? after scout thingy, reach home. Marmee laying on the sofa & suddenly she asked me " Are you in a relationship with Eugene? " oh gosh, i was thinking, why did marmeee knew..somemore, she mentioned B's name ! wow ! I think i can no longer deny that, *she asked bout it few times ago without B's name :X Heheee, i just nodded my head & show her my very shy face
Ehem, HAHAHAH! To my surprise. mummy did not scold me or nagg me anything! .___. hmmm, my parents are kinda strict, they had warned me not "couple-ing" during school though..........HAHAHAH! & now my mummy being so..GOOD to me, im real shocked ! && of coarse, so blady HAPPPYYy! macam dreaming. :D
but Daddy stil duno of coarse, abuden i'll really x__x !
wheeee, THANKS MUMMY! i love you =D

Monster vs Ling ! =D

off to jusco for a while :D
they're playing on their nails :P

16th Dec 09 Wednesday
wheee wheeee, darling went Macao ! Talked to him before he enter the aeroplane =D & so lucky i still can text him :P HEH, but he cant :( sobs!
Take Care Dear Dear!

17th Dec 09 Thursday

guess wad? at 12+ am, i got call from Macao! who's that? EugeneYeeeee ♥♥
Im so so so so so shocked to hear his voice =D HAHAHAAHAHAH
" Happy 3 Months dear ! " he said <3>
my plurkie after ur call :)

Happy 3 Months Ann baby! Though we celebrating far apart, but still, our heart stick so close together ! mwahxs!
Love you more & more as day pass :)

Afternoon, go school to help in cc preparation :) Damn pissed due to mr goh edric. He's real idiot sometimes. Annoyed ppl a lot ! not only me saying that but bunch & bunch of people! grrrr
however, im really okay after some time =D
off to tuition with xingti & ah fong by bus ! ah ma along too :) heh!!
revise the 9 chapter, differenciasion *wrongspelling i dhk*

Night, got back my camera !! I miss you so much!!
payment under me & marmeeee..sobs! my polaroid...BYEBYE,
gonna earn back the $$$ very soon!

duno what to blog now .__.


你深爱的人 said...

lucky euu~
wen som1 went overseas
tat was wat happened to me too.

Monster said...

you got the feeling too lao han +D