Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Tang Yuan Day!

22.12.09, hheheeh~! the day im waiting, for so long ! =B
whats so special? for me, its real real real a good day !
BCZ I CAN FINALLY EAT MY FAV TANG YUAN =3 I always want to have it, but popo say she lazy to do :( just this day, hahahaha ! she gnna do =D

A day before this, after dinner, me & cousins help popo in making tang yuan~ =D
so fun lahh! "柔 YI 柔 挤 YI 挤" hahahaa

& the actual day, the whole family gather & had dinner together =) I always love to see this, so warm lahh! Everyone chatting & laughing, smiley face hang on popo face =) so cutee

by the greatest chef ever, my popo! =D

shrimps =D
me seldom makan prawnie stuffy, especially small one! but this one,
real nice ! =D *big

xiu yok!
crunchy crunchy =D


missy white chicky =D

vege frying with egg yolk =O

i love this ! mushroom & sea cucumber luu! =DD

the adults! =D
me holding camera lahh

from left, my 3rd uncle, daddy, mummy, auntie ( big uncle's wife ) =D

this is the 4th uncle, the forever very young uncle =D
hahahahah! he's the one who fetch me here & there whn thr's nobody fetching!

omg, me fav !!!! =DDDDD

i LOVE the pink one =D
me "rou" de mah! hahahahah

familyday :D


aHsoOn said...

i love the mushroom

Sammy said...

finally can see that douu man zak uncle =)

eminey626 said...

LOL! so many dishes too! xD

Monster said...

soon : high fivee!! =D
Biii : hahaha! yes thats him! =D
Eminey : yealuuu~ byk cz big family