Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday celebration with my boo boo! ♡

I had a very blissful birthday celebration with my boyfriend this year ! HEHE.. very normal one + low cost and i just love it ! hehehehe :3 ♡

On the 26th night, darling picked me up from my house and we headed to Desa Park City. Got ourselves 2 bottles of Carlsberg and went to the higher part of desa park. Basically, we did some hearty talk & non-stop snaping picha :D Loveeee him so much!

sammy look so kyuteeee  ♡

 oh ya, i loveee sitting on the car roof !! So fun & so cooling!! 


On the 27th March, baby brought me to Plan B @Publica upon my request to have my birthday dinner :D


I love love love my birthday present :3 the loveshape thingy from him, he painted & decorated by himself ;3 omigoooooooodd.. love handmade thing from him!! I love you gene gene ♡