Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nailll =3

OMGosh, if you've read my previous post, you'll know that ive done my manicure & padicure :D
&&&& im so in love with it :D
my idea for my nails is from,,,,,,,

tadaa!! damn cute right? thats why :)

and then on the monday, follow my aunt to sg wang.
i done facial for 3hrs and after that went for manicure luu!!

& this is mine!
the colour is sweet and cute =D
loving it so damn a lot! hopefully this can last til i finish my sg trip!!

hehehehe :D

kindly ignore my fugly feet but see the colour :D
nudy greeeen :D
omigosh, it makes my feet fair but still my feet looks damn fat TT

wheee wheee!!
have a nice day ppl :D

ps:// just got the pichas in cameron :D
can blog soon? yeahh!!
im not done with my undang test yet.. -..-

Sunday, December 26, 2010


if you ask me whats the most torturing stuff in the world?
i bet the answer that appear in my mind now is...when my phone cant call out, cant text :(
I'm my hubby's subline, thats why..
its kinda sad when we cant contact anytime we want to :(
when i miss him damn a lot, i cant call
when i need his comfort, i cant call
how sad...
i miss him la :*(

anywhere, tmr went kl again ._.
for facial & manicure padicure..
ive not cleaning my face in saloon like for ages x_x

ps:// sorry for the lame post ppl, ive not camera to snap photo :(
pathetic life!

Friday, December 24, 2010


close ur eyes now & make a wish
if you're a good girl, santa will promise to give u a good year
if you're a good boy, santa will promise to give u a good year too :)
have an awesome night people!
May Lord bless you & your family~!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ohaiyo! :D

Helloo beautiful things! :) how's holiday everyone?
I'm kinda busy, overall..but sometimes Im still so lifeless!
This suddenly remind me the day of undang speech D:
For me, it was so so damn torturing! I had my speech at cheras area, where I already know that i can hardly see familiar faces :| so sad!
But luckily I met Kok Eng who's one of my tuition friend :) though we din really talk or interact during tuition, but at least I know who is him :)
Still.. At the end we sit in diff places n I'm all ALONE *sobs*
Manage to talk to someone there but still I prayed hard so that time flies & I could go home..
So my advice to those who has not taken any speech,kindly ask Ur dear fren to tag along! I'm worrying bout the other speech now D:

22.12.10 Wed

oh yeah, went one u for movie today with hubby hubby <3
We promised to watch Rapunzel together and I was so frigging excited!!
Since there's only good feedbacks! &&& the princess looks really good :)
So from the morning I've been waiting for the pig to wake up~
I'm dhk I'm so annoying sometimes, I keep calling him nonstop to wake him up!!
Ps:// it was already twelve noon!! :P
& I know he had been so busy at night,caroling and spreading happiness to everyone :)
So please just forgive Ur wife k? Teeeeeheee!!! :D
Ehhh, wait!! This notty hubby himself staying up late for dota ehh! *piakkk on his ass*
About 2.20+ he finally came!! I'm so happy to see him :3
Reach there...parking... Ticket...NOoO!!
We're too late! So I was a lil disappointed..:(
At the end we watch 'My Soul To Take' after our heavy meal at Carls Junior. :$
That movie is scary n scary! Scare ppl most of the time TT
& very happy I can just grab his arm tight :3
Mmmm, our first time watching scary movie, still looking forward to Rapunzel!!!
I'm not giving up :P
thanks for the happy day hubby <3

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I need YOUR HELP !!

hey people!
kindly VOTE my baby cousin *Here* !clickable
click in Malaysia >> "L" >> Lee Li Thing !!
what you need is just click the picha & you'll know what to do :)

Thanks trucks lots!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sorry to be selfish, but you're all mine :D

helllllloooo readers :D
guess wad? i would like to share you guys how i feel lately..Im again so in love :D
seriously, im so happy with 余子良﹗i have doze of his vv funny + super cute + adorable photos with me! different expressions <3

we had our happy meal in sushi zanmai :D
i love love the sushi damn a lot :D
fresh & the price is reasonable!

& this is my duper handsome boyfriend :D
he looks so handsome with the jacket lahhh!

heheh, he will bring his camera along whenever we have outings :)
he knows i love camwhoring :D moaakxs!

soft-shell crab califonia roll :D

caterpillar roll !!!
omzg, i like the avogadro on top :)
ps:// gene took this, feel proud :D

green belongs to him & red belongs to her :))

one u xmas decoration in 2010 is superb :D

can you see how cute is the cottage :D
baby brought me to grab on the "snow"
he said it feels cold and its truth ! the "snow" are cold :D
so cool right? :D

stupid girl with nerdy spec :D
he loves :3


this is one of my favourite TT ♥♥♥

he ask me to take photo because theres my name :D

snowing effect :P

we got ourself the same topman hoodie :D
very very happy lah :D

we're heading home :D

one more weeks to go..

Xmas outing with the favaourite boy :3

more to come :D

ps:// undang later T__________________________T

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Bali !

i know i know.. my blog is kinda dead :( visitors are getting lesser day by day *sobs*
anyway, thanks for the loyal one ! HHAHA manage to get at least 100 per day luckily D:
kkkkk.. i know i shud stop crapping! HHAHA
so wad am i gonna blog about today? a dinner with my aunt before SPM :D
i got those photo with my baby;s camera ! thanks luuu :)

so this is the place, ole ole bali @soho KL :D
i really can tell you the food here is superb! plus the price isnt xpensive, reasonable!
thats why you guys shud try this

deco inside ;)

& the outside :D
romantic mm?

& this is my mummy :))

lame me while waiting for food :D
sister with her brand new ipod 4 luu! she has more 3c products den me D:

aunt with the bf :)
shes no longer available XD

lime + minty drink!
looks weird but taste so good ;)

cucumber blended drink smt :S
for me it taste weird TT

& this.. papaya!!!
belongs to me & my sister
we love this lotsss~!

& this is just so SUPERBBBBBB

cann seee "dimples" ??? HHSHAHAHAHAHA

done with all the food and feel so satisfy *yum*

saw haagan diaz on the way to the parking
so tempting right?
but really no more space for creamy ice D:

9 subjects done!

Friday, November 26, 2010

oh my love

Muai lover boy :)
We meet almost everyday :) thanks god that he owns a car.
He would fetch me after school and bring me for lunch, he would know how i feel without me telling him a single word, he would embrace me with happiness & love.
Im happy with my life now, though there's some bastard out there too ;)
who will cares bout them? no one!

tumblr oh tumblr,
i really recommend you people there to sign up and join tumblr lah!
I improve my way in expressing my feelings and my taste in fashion~
gain creativity thru the site & so much more!!
*wad i need to do is earn money to get all the pretty clothes!!!!*
but now...SPM la dei ;)


7 more to go!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


虽然我不喜欢校规的束缚,不喜欢 'ngam cam' 的校长,不喜欢无礼的老师,讨厌学校的拉拉,讨厌七早八早起来,讨厌乏闷的 POL,讨厌addmaths, 可是比起讨厌,我对这五年来的喜欢更多。

我们班很幸运,班导是 Firdaus,班长是 MengHern。老师多数都是好的,当然是除了 ‘黑猩猩’。

虽然我们班是第一班,看起来好像很厉害读书酱,尤其是那些Kai Yan & JeenVern等。不认识她们真的不懂她们有几废,有几无聊。虽然不是跟每一个同学都熟,可是我至少都和3/4的班友感情不错下。想一下以后不能听到Dylan的吵杂声,不能像以前全部人一起zat Goh Edric。。好像真的会很怀念。

我个人呢,最不习惯的将会是每天不能见到老Tine咯!那个女人每天在弄我笑,都是她在跟我闹!那个XingTi也是,以后可能不能每天躺她,不能欺负她了 :*( YanNi,没有一个人的表情可以好像她酱丰富,光看她的样子你都可以笑爆!KenKe,在我们当中的乖女孩,她每天准时完整功课,上课时听课,但是一起gossip绝少不了她 XD A Mei呢,这个真的超猛!记得以前你的学校三步曲 :睡觉,照镜子,上厕所!但是她的成绩一直都是很好的!她也很好笑,我真的很喜欢她~

“肥到死” = firdaus :D
最好的班导啦!我的kelakuan在sijil perhentian sekolah才拿memuaskan =.=
谢谢他咯,把我的等级变baik =D
说起来,我们也满熟的 XD

小学到现在的好朋友,臭老TINE! =D

我的超级好朋友!XingTi :D

最容易被误会的人,Yanni :D
她什么都放在心里的,她很懒得解释 xD

陈可可!!我喜欢她水水的肉 XD
更喜欢她这个人 =)

A Mei !! :D:D
我的好朋友 ;) 她真的很可爱的!since 你这么努力,希望你拿 full As 啦“妹妹”!

thong thong!! 今年受伤的朋友,受伤的理由更好笑!哈哈 XD




God bless us :)