Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's the time now?

My god?
do u know wat's the time now peeps?
its 3.47 am ! & why am i still doin here?
I cant fall asleep ! I've tried so hard.. shit
so suffering now =(
what can i do beside missing you?
ALSO, i tried to study but i cant concentrate studying. wth
help me..
i gonna wake up at 7.30am tmr !


Sammy said...


Yong Sheng said...

lol....try counting sheeps ==

tzia said...

haha. insomia eh?
i can sleep but couldn't cause I have got exam on this friday. =(

KahYee said...

i slept at 4am latst night..

Monster said...

sammy : =)!
yongsheng: no use TT
tzia : heyy tzia =DD all da best to uuuuuu
chuah : omg == mana u pergi!

Janson said...


Monster said...

yayayay panda @@