Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hell yeah, im with puffy eyes today, tired body =x
due to ytd insomnia *learn a new word frm tzia =D
i fall asleep at 6 ytd, its 6am ! LOL had one & a half hour of rest
waken up by the angelic voice, Im totally enamored of it =D
headed to xingti's hrs with addmaths textbook & pelangi
reached thr & c mr ngau is already there..
me lazying on the sofa for a while den we start to do revision le

and bout 10smt, tummy is groaning :(
i've not eaten my breakfast yet lahh *3am bread not accepted as breakfast ba?
so we just start cooking meeeeeeee, korean meee in kimchi favour ! LOVE it
its a lil bit spicy but darn shuang eating it :x

love it :O

me & my soulmate =D the other one is not here! *kahchuah

random snap :x

they are really sister&brother!

i cant stop laughing whn there's ngooijhenliang around =D
everything he did is just superb stupid & funny XDD & i realised smt la, small horse is a cute boy! so innocent lah. a tall boy bullied by a fatty jhen liang XD so gayy whn he is feeding jhen liang coconut flesh :P
we continue our addmaths after our one hour break. I fall asleep on the table =( for an hour
i dhk i wont wake up if my neck isnt feel so sour :D
Conclusion, we just did 2 chapter of addmaths today! HAHAHA from 9am to 5pm damn it
However, credits to ngau zai hu teaches me a lot =D

Had a phone talk with kahchuah yeeeeeeeeeeeeee tonight =D
ehhhh, calm down lah wei :)
Had a sweet conversation with my love one at late night


KahYee said...

he gt da <3
why i dun hv 1???

Mun said...

Nooi jhen liang with jason marz hat? LOL

Monster said...

chuah : dun be jelous :PP u know i loveeeeeeeeeee u much!

mun : yupp! so not jason mraz :D