Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Consider A one-day trip

Most of our class went to a ceramah today :D it talks bout driving..we were so hyper for it. &&& i tot it takes place at somewhr in KL ! looking forward to it =D
but, Im kinda disappointed when i know its locate in menjalara ! lawlll !! the agama skul is just opposite my granny's hrs lah ! LAWLLL so call KL .___.
alright, its raining in the morning. no assembly ;( ! cant see d luu
grrrr. reach class & chit chatting with my bunch of girlfriends :)
we found out that our dressing is like.. so HIP HOP? HAHAHA yoyo?
& some1 said kenke looks like malaypo? (due to the trackbottom)

a picha before leaving the classroom, " YOYO" =P

a picha before leaving the skul =D
we're in blueeeee, united !

we sit together in the bus & thats da snack :x

is this a girl or a boy?
yongsheng looks so blady pretty here!! =O

a picha of me & my tine when we reach thr :D

my feifei so so so so so CUTEEE!! :)

the two miss "hrs" HAHAHA

here's the ppl


& demostration

showing the differences between braking using only legs & braking using both legs & hands

she looks so good today :D *dun be perasan pls :P

After that, there's people try riding too..but not for us :S we are not allowed to ! because we got no experience in riding a motorbite except botak keat. & tats why tis seems to be very very boring to all of us == & guess wad? we start to find our own activities :P SNAPPING PHOTO!

sexy fei fei *loves*

feifei feipo bigmimi

cacat 1 =D
( xingti looks so yam whn she shows her tongue :P )

supergirl !

the top one macam squerrel & d 3 flower is below :P

hiak hiak hiak


thong thong looks so pretty =D

lao yan :D

Alright, after half and a hour of camwhoring, we force to enter the canteen again to listen to the craps T_______T this is so so so boring ! all of us not concentrating. I dhk jz for those skul who sitting in front are listening to the man. Peoples are.. sleeping, phone-ing & sleeping etc !

HURRAYY! after half and a hour of hotness and boredom, we setted free to the fresh & cool air outside !! & waited for our bus to fetch us school :D my tummy is groaning ! Im hungry man =__= while waiting, camwhore again luuuuuu

i like spinningg :D so freaking fun lahh =D!
gang guan nv lang XDD!

another cutie pie :D

scandal !!

the big faces & did u realise smt? all mata sepet here

the short & the tall

this belongs to miss tine

and tis belongs to miss ah mei
HAHAHAHAH both of them playing baby games ! HAHA


"aiyooo! fat face"

they are so in love !

watsupp with ah mei? aHAHAHAHA

ah mei so happy =D

Reached skul, had our free meal which costing RM5 for each ppl ! =D luckily its f.o.c, skul paid for it =D unexpectally our lunch isnt that bad ! :D curry chicken with potatoes & cabbages :D watermelon & a bottle of mineral water. i finished them all since the curry isnt spicy ! WAKAKAK special for joee issit? :)
see mr popular once today, he's not happy ;(

with fattyyyy =D

tmr will be a better day :D
hey peeps, start ur day with a smile


ALieN said...

my image spoil jor lohhhhhh

Monster said...

u bat lao oso tak ada image punya ma :P