Saturday, September 12, 2009

GAM FEI arrrr

Today went ikano with mummy sista & two grandmass :D Had meal just when we reached there, sakae sushi ( the froggie logo ). Overall, its not nice lahh =( the worst japanese resto?
though it does not taste so good, we had all theseeeeeeee

mummy side (in purple) & papa's side ( in black) +DD

the best among all ! mango slices on the top :DDi look suckishh ==

After that go walk walk luuu. Digest maa =D

nothing much for today, kinda boring? duno why ._____.
not in the shopping mood XD

wadsupp with my zen & my ee ee? looks like wanna fight =O
HAHAHAHAH byk cutee



ALieN said...

whole week FOOD~~~
next Pizza Hut~~~

Monster said...

pigu lahh fatttyy!