Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So Call An Update

Wohooooo, heyy people :)
just to post up something hereeeee! i dun wanna leave my blog dead :x

okay. the first day of skul, wheeeeeeee! Im so happy ytd :D
start to laugh during the assembly ! :O oh gosh, i dun know wats wrong with me HAHAHA
there's is someone yawning whn the national song is played..its just a bit too funny to me?
I cant stand it & keep laughing :X of coarse i catch people's eyes around me.. sorry butts! :P
& thanks for my butttssss who lighted up my day so well , make ytd a happy day :D
& my jo ! =D thanks for the afternoon! mwahxs :)

and and and today :) tuesday!
lke usual, chemistry in the 1st & 2nd period :) did experiment & had lots fun too!
&&&&& oh ya! thong cut her hair, she got fringe now :D so alike with yanni :O
recesss timeee, walking back to the class with my darrrrlingggg :D
& laughing with laotine after recess in class..its like nonstop laughing =x u may think tat im crazy but so? i enjoy laughing with only a little thing =D
sejarah the last 2 period ! HOLLLLYYYY all of us are afraid & feel bored to it before the lesson starts! We tot that it would be like usual..BORINGGGGGGGG & sleepyy
but but but, me & laotine pay full attention to the teacher! wheeeee!
So unusual as to be surprising; uncanny! :O we used to be the nosiest in the classssss
teacher was asking me & yongsheng to perform on stage on thursday ( i dhk is thurs lahh )
ehee! wat are we gonna to perform?
teacher said " actually caryn akan menyampaikan sajak pada haritu, tetapi saya nak tukar la..sekarang dipersilakan yongsheng & joee tampil untuk bergelak di hadapan! " *err..almost d same lahh! same meaning
LAWLLL LAWALLL! AAAHAAA! Teacher said that because me & him keep laughing during her lesson.. she's really so funny
cant meet him after skul, was rushin to board the bus :(
went jusco with xingti & tine to get presents for my dearie coussy & huanheeeeeeeee :DDD

hmmmm, will not be able to online at home :(
due to the suckingest connection GAHHHHHH
perhaps its a good thing? STUDYYYYY for my year-end exam!
im truely putting effort on it :)

Aza AzA FigHting! =D


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