Friday, September 11, 2009

Eat For Life

today after skul, went metro to seek for FOOD
HAHAHAHAHHA this is mee, lao ti , kahchuah & yanni's plan =D in the end, mun mun join us too ! *hug hug* After skul, gather ourselves & headed there luuu. Had a small talk with meeeee dar HEH reached metro bus station. We walked to those shop area to see wat to eat for lunch under the super hot sun ** We walk & walk & walk..Found "Nelson Tan Cafe & Resto" ! =D guess wad's its chinese name? ......鸟生蛋! LMAO
the deco is nice, so relaxaxing =)
playing chitchatting gossipgosiiping & ghost-storying ! =S
mun freaaaaaaaak me out & i SCREAM :x fishyynya @@

me with my unagi don =P

we had 2 of this ! =D freakyy nicee!

wo men chi de bu gou lahh
all of us byk full & so satisfied with the dish
& thanks mun's mama for fetching us :D
how if when we know how to drive?
another outing for food :D whn? nxt week?

1 comment:

Mun said...

hahahah sorry for scaring u..
but fair xDD